Yahoo Mail Now Offers Groceries Shopping

Today, Verizon Media announced the launch Groceries From Walmart, a Yahoo Mail feature which allows users to browse, add groceries to cart and buy essential groceries from Walmart. Verizon Media claims that this is the first time email users have been able to fill out a shopping basket directly from their inbox. This streamlines their shopping experience and makes it easier for them to shop from within their mail app. One in four Americans use Yahoo Mail today, which sends 4.5 billion emails per day.

Rich Lehrfeld, senior vice-president, Walmart Marketing, stated that customers are relying more on Walmart to save money on the items they need and to save time. The new “Groceries From Walmart” feature, which lives in Yahoo Mail, takes another step to make our customers’ lives easier by allowing them to shop whenever, how, and wherever they want.

Here’s how Groceries From Walmart works: After users sign in to their email accounts, they will see a Walmart banner at top of their incoming emails. Click that banner, then enter the required information and click on it to search for essential grocery items. Then they can check out. Groceries from Walmart are currently available in the Yahoo Mail iOS and desktop apps, with Android to follow later this year.

The feature allows users to receive customized grocery recommendations based upon their Yahoo profiles. The shopping cart doesn’t expire, so consumers can continue adding items throughout the week, and then check out when they’re ready.

Total Retail’s View: This new functionality makes perfect sense considering that more Americans shop online for groceries now than ever and they do it more often with COVID-19. According to a May survey from Inmar Intelligence almost 80 percent of Americans now shop online for groceries, up 40 percent over pre-pandemic levels. A majority of respondents say they shop online for groceries more frequently than before the pandemic. This is not the first time Verizon has offered a service that helps consumers shop for groceries. Yahoo Mail, for instance, announced last year that its updated app now includes GroceryView. This allows users to see deals at local grocery stores and save them to their shopping lists. It also lets them connect their loyalty cards to automatically apply coupons at checkout. Although the feature may have seemed strange at first, it is not related to email. Verizon claims that it serves consumers’ desire to save money on mass mailing lists and spam. Yahoo users will now be able to browse Walmart’s grocery catalogue at their own leisure, and to add items to their Yahoo Mail shopping cart for pickup at their local Walmart.

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L.L. Bean Expands with First U.S. Wholesale Partnerships

L.L. Bean is moving beyond its original model of direct to customer catalog sales and in store sales. The company has an agreement to sell its products at Nordstrom, Staples and SCHEELS. AP News. The first wholesale deals in the U.S. are a push to bring the brand’s products closer to consumers. L.L.Bean backpacks, water bottles and other products were sold in the first phase of this initiative. They went on sale in over 1,000 Staples stores just two weeks ago. L.L.Bean gear is expected to be available in a dozen SCHEELS stores throughout the Midwest, and 20 Nordstrom stores across the U.S. in the fall.

The 108-year-old retailer isn’t unusual in moving into wholesale. In 2018, L.L. Bean signed an agreement to sell products in Canadian Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Hudson’s Bay, and Sporting Life stores. Three years ago, the company reached an agreement to expand its sales in Japan beyond its company-branded stores. L.L. Bean remains committed to its stores and will continue to open stores in selected markets.

Total Retail’s View: With increasing competition in retail and online, L.L. Bean is making it easier for consumers to touch and feel its products through more channels and places than ever. Wholesale partnerships allow the brand to quickly increase its physical footprint and reduce the cost of running nearly 50 stores across the country.

Marshal Cohen, chief retail analyst for The NPD Group, stated that “it’s a smart strategy by retailers like L.L.Bean in order to reach more customers without the risks that come with opening new shops and signing long leases.” L.L.Bean’s online store allows consumers who live far from the store to have greater access to the product to test it before they buy. This will increase the brand’s sales.

The Maine-based retailer, Charlie Bruder (Vice President of Merchandising at L.L. Bean), stated that despite the current retail environment, he believes there is an opportunity to grow while others contract. Bruder said that the key to L.L.Bean’s success in expanding its retail partnerships was “finding a few retailers that share the company’s customer service philosophy”. This will ensure that customers are satisfied at all locations that sell L.L.Bean merchandise. Although it is not the most ideal time to venture into wholesale, considering the strength and reputation of L.L.Bean, it’s likely that this will be a good move for both the company and its wholesale partners.

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