Happy WooCommerce Day

WooCommerce Day is here! A day to say hello and give back to the WooCommerce community. It also celebrates all of the WooCommerce store owners, extension developers, partners and friends.

We’re offering 40% discount on everything in the WooCommerce.com marketplace for its first year. We couldn’t think of a better way to express our gratitude than to make it easier for people who love Woo to have more fun in their lives.

Our mission is to decentralize commerce

Democraticizing commerce is making online selling and earning accessible to everyone, regardless of income, technical ability, language, geography or race.

We believe that commerce can be democratized and this will lead to economic opportunities around the globe. Merchants should be able to create what they want, and use their data as they wish. We believe WooCommerce, which is the largest ecommerce platform available, is the best place to make commerce accessible to everyone. And we’re only just getting started.

The community comes first

WooCommerce is distinguished by its generosity and resourcefulness. Jonathan Wold, our community leader, has the following to say:


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“When I started my first WordPress project, it was the community that welcomed me, that encouraged me, that answered all of my questions and gave me the ability to create.

Similar experiences have been shared by others at WooCommerce meetups around the globe. Volunteers are giving their time to help other entrepreneurs and empower them to make a difference on the open internet.

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WooCommerce Day:

WooCommerce Day celebrates the WooCommerce community and continues our journey to decentralize commerce. Today we’re going to be focusing on three major ideas: Inspire and EmpowerInclude is the third.


We have the chance to inspire one another as community organizers and members. Entrepreneurs can be inspired and encouraged by our stories, ideas and examples.

Are you looking for inspiration? See our Customer Gallery to get inspiration from other WooCommerce users.


People feel inspired when they are motivated to learn and grow. We can help other members of the community to be educated, give them the tools they need, connect with the right resources and empower them to take action.

Are you unsure where to begin? You can start with Woo by reading our Introduction To eCommerce for WordPress Guide.


We will continue to work to create a diverse community that allows us to connect with everyone in their respective languages, at their level of ability, and in their region.

You can get involved! You can get involved by learning more about the WooCommerce Meetups or hosting a meetup your own !

Whether you’re new to WooCommerce or have been in the community for years, WooCommerce Day is a celebration of you and the great work you’re doing. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you’re working on!

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