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Picking a Processor: How Security Leads To Success in the CBD Industry

If you are in business in 2022, it is crucial to set up an eCommerce platform for your website. It is important to make it as simple as possible for customers so they can complete their orders and leave with a pleasant shopping experience. This is particularly important for ecommerce spaces like those who want to sell CBD items online. It is important […]

The Key Factors That Make eCommerce Websites Successful

E-commerce businesses are seeking automated web-based solutions that increase efficiency and lower costs. To compete and grow, businesses need a professional ecommerce website. These Key Considerations for eCommerce Website will help you maximize your profits. 1. Beautiful and modern website interface Your website’s design interface is what customers see first when they visit it. It can be beautiful or ugly depending […]

Three key features are essential for an e-commerce site that is successful

This article will highlight 3 key features that sellers must include on their e-commerce site to ensure the best possible experience for customers. Online sales of everything, from electronics to fashion and food, have exploded over the past decade. This trend is great, but businesses need to improve the features of their websites for e-commerce to […]

Cash Wrap Counter Ideas For Retailers

Maxime Cohen, Scale AI Chair Professor of Retail and Operations Management McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management says that a cash wrap is the area inside the store where customers pay. It also includes surrounding retail displays. The cash wrap of a store is not just where transactions take place. It plays an important part in increasing […]

Three key strategies to personalize at scale: Focus on financial services

New digital players have emerged as consumers try new brands and ways to purchase products. Our recent survey of top executives in the financial services, insurance and marketing industries found that 89% agreed customers have been rewired digitally. 80% of respondents said they have seen changes to customer journeys or completely new ones. The overwhelming majority of senior executives […]

How much does it cost to buy a business?

We’ll be sharing with you the average cost of buying a business. This includes a breakdown by industry and a quick overview of how to calculate the small business’s value based on earnings. You will also be able to determine a budget and see which businesses you can afford. Our complete guide to valuing small businesses provides […]

Tapping Into Shoppers Desires: How to Encourage Impulse Buying In Your Store

Impulse buying is the sudden and immediate purchase of a product without any pre-shopping intention. It occurs after shoppers experience an urge to buy, and is often spontaneous without any hesitation.  We’ve all been there before: Just yesterday I bought a Baby Yoda Christmas decoration because it was adorable. The minute I saw the little […]

Why customer communication is crucial in times of uncertainty

Many small business owners are worried about COVID-19 and customers. It’s easy to be afraid of saying the wrong things and limit communication with your customers. You shouldn’t be silent. Clientele need to hear from your company, not only now but also during crisis situations. The community needs to know about any new policies, programs or order statuses. […]

Happy WooCommerce Day

WooCommerce Day is here! A day to say hello and give back to the WooCommerce community. It also celebrates all of the WooCommerce store owners, extension developers, partners and friends. We’re offering 40% discount on everything in the marketplace for its first year. We couldn’t think of a better way to express our gratitude than […]

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