8 questions to consider when evaluating marketing automation software

8 questions to consider when evaluating marketing automation software

For its many capabilities, marketing automation has been praised a lot. It automates every marketing technique possible, but it does so in a more efficient way. Businesses are searching for Martech (Marketing Technology) platforms that will simplify their work and help them grow their businesses.

Investing in quality automation tools is like investing in customer relationships. They always pay off. How do you find the right marketing automation tool to fit your needs? It can be difficult to narrow down the right platform for your business, given the sheer number of options available. This article will help you if you have decided to invest in marketing automation software, but are unsure where and how to start.

Here are eight questions to ask when evaluating marketing automation software.

What’s the scoop?

Find out what users have to say about the platform that you are considering purchasing. Ask other marketers about their experiences with the software to find out what problems they solved and what new challenges they faced. Ask your experts in-house about their expectations, and get their feedback.

You can also find independent reviews on sites such as Capettera and G2 Crowd. These sites offer professional punditry and user reviews about the software you are considering purchasing. You will be able to gather information from the public and begin to identify where to start.

What are its features?

Marketing automation encompasses more than email marketing. Marketing automation encompasses all marketing processes from lead generation and nurturing to retention and conversion. Is the automation software solution able to bridge the gap between marketing and sales? If so, can it be scaled as your business grows. Consider the features that you need and make sure your solution includes them.

Check if the platform allows you to comply with your country’s or regional regulations. You should check if the platform is GDPR and HIPPA compliant. It is equally important to let your customers know that their data will be safe.

What integrations is it capable of supporting?

Marketing and sales teams work together. Data migration becomes more complicated as your company grows. Is the platform compatible with your CRM software or does it have its own CRM ecosystem that allows you to transfer data easily?

There are many SaaS platforms that your marketing automation software can integrate with, apart from CRM. These integrations should be tested to ensure they work properly. If they don’t provide integrations through third party sites such as Zapier, they should. Before you make a decision, you might need to know which tools you want to integrate with which tools.

Is the vendor able to provide quality support?

It takes a lot of work to build an automated system. This is something that most vendors are aware of and offer easy onboarding. Quality ongoing support is what you want, in addition to comprehensive onboarding. It’s possible that you will need technical assistance at any time. Find out how fast and precisely they can resolve your problems.

Unread emails or chats will not be of any assistance. You should choose a platform that offers phone support. Be aware of their hours of operation and the languages they offer support in.

How can documentation be forgotten? To help users navigate their applications, a business must provide sufficient help guides and release notes. It is important to provide enough thought leadership content to educate users.

Is it possible for all my team members to use it?

Collaboration increases innovation and improves communication. All members of your marketing team must use the software together. You should check how many users can be added to an account, and how many accounts you can fit in an organization. An account that only has one user is not fraternized and will not benefit you. You can request additional users from vendors. It is important to find vendors who are willing to work with you over the long-term.

How scalable can the software be?

Trends change over time and the marketing landscape is constantly changing. For consistent growth, businesses must adapt to these changes. Your automation platform must grow with your business to meet new demands. Ask the vendor about how scaleable their software is. What will they do to keep up with the changing trends in marketing automation? Newer software and programs are constantly being developed thanks to AI improvements. Every company that is innovative strives to embrace digital transformation.

How much does it cost overall?

You shouldn’t be discouraged by the software’s cost. You don’t have to choose software that is low-cost if it’s important to your company’s marketing success. You should look for software that fulfills both your pricing and functional requirements. You don’t have to spend a lot or be penny-pinching.

Avoid hidden fees and excessive charges that the company may charge. Pay close attention to the pricing structure of your vendor. Are they charging for subscribers or a host of features? What does their billing do for your business? You shouldn’t be tied for years to a product that isn’t serving your needs. If they have a contract, make sure you understand it. It is always a good idea to avoid vendors that bind you by any contract. You can save money by assessing the total cost of your purchase.

What is the best way to measure performance?

The famous saying goes “What gets measured, gets improved.” – Your marketing automation software should be able to track, measure and manage your campaigns as well as your ROI. No longer is it enough to measure the overall revenue. It is important to understand what causes an increase or decrease in your returns. Your software should have flexible, customizable, quality dashboards that can measure the success of your campaign. You can discover new trends and insights by analyzing the performance of each marketing item. This information allows you to make data-driven decisions that will lead to more conversions. You will be able to see if your marketing is working for you.

It’s your turn…

After you have mastered the basics of marketing automation software evaluation, these are the questions to ask before you throw your hat into the ring. It is important not to get carried away with empty software. Instead, choose the one that delivers what it promises. Marketing automation software that can be used to power the entire marketing effort of your organization is in fashion!

Marketing success!

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