Zia, an AI-enabled chatbot for HR, can help you increase employee engagement

Zia, an AI-enabled chatbot for HR, can help you increase employee engagement

Chatbots are much more than their humble beginnings of being automated answering machines. They are used in almost all business capacities.

In order to keep up with the changing trends in the dynamic workforce, HR departments across industries are creating strategies to enhance the employee experience. Chatbots are an useful addition.

The challenges faced by the HR industry in predicting people’s behavior continue to impact employee engagement over time. Flexible HR service delivery platforms are a good step in the right direction. They can ensure that HR services are consistent and timely while still providing a positive experience for employees.

What’s an HR chatbot?

Chatbots are computer programs that respond to users’ queries in real-time. Chatbots are computer programs that assist employees in completing routine tasks and serve as an assistant for the HR department.

Chatbots can be deployed on multiple platforms using a conversational interface.

What are the benefits of a chatbot for HR?

According to Juniper Research, chatbots for HR will reduce business expenses by more than $8 billion by 2022.

Here are the top reasons why HR chatbots are preferred by businesses:

1. Instant responses

Chatbots are quick to respond so employees can concentrate on their work and still complete urgent tasks.

2. Accessibility is easy

When resources are readily available, employees feel less stressed. Chatbots for HR are more attractive because they can be reached 24/7 via omnichannel.

3. Employee engagement is improved

Chatbots process queries from users to provide relevant answers. AI generates personalized recommendations based upon user interactions. This creates an engaging experience for employees.

ZIA is our AI-enabled chatbot for HR

Zia, an intelligent AI assistant from Zoho, is a powerful tool in every department. Zia can answer common questions, automate routine tasks, generate reports and identify anomalies.

Zia is the best person to ask for assistance when you next need it from your HR department.

Zia is available to answer all your HR questions promptly and assist you in completing your tasks on time.

Zia can help you increase employee engagement

We at Zoho believe that a positive employee experience is the key to any business’ success. Zoho People & Zia make it easy for your employees to complete their daily HR tasks. Here’s a complete list on what Zia can do to help your employees.

1. You can check in and out by simply clicking a button.

2. Zia will help you complete your leave application.

3. Zia can provide information about your availability and upcoming holidays.

4. Get a list of pending tasks: Make your day more productive by reviewing all your pending tasks.

5. Rapid HR service delivery: Ask Zia any question and it will bring you answers from its FAQ page. Zia will politely ask you to open an account and direct you to the correct expert if your question is not covered by the FAQ database.

Last Thoughts

HR departments constantly develop strategies to address changing organizational needs and increase employee engagement. Chatbots are still relevant, despite changing demands. They are often considered essential to daily operations. Because they can handle many business functions with ease, they play an important role in reducing HR professionals’ workload.

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