Viva Wallet: Secure Payment Options for European Stores

Editor’s Note: To streamline the often fragmented European payments market, we recently formed a partnership with Viva Wallet. We are excited to share more information with you.

It can be difficult to manage the finances of an eCommerce company in Europe, given that there are many countries with their own currencies and different regulations. This has historically led to headaches for store owners such as slow settlements, complicated workflows, cumbersome currencies, opaque payment processes and high transaction costs.

WooCommerce’s mission is to decentralize commerce. It recognizes that new entrepreneurs can be hindered by these complications. Although we wanted to help, a complex problem like payments requires a lot more knowledge and context. We searched for a partner and found one in Viva Wallet.

Introducing Viva Wallet

Viva Wallet was created by a group developers who specialize in developing applications for banks. They began to work on an online payment system that works seamlessly in all parts of the European market after often being frustrated by financial regulations and complex payment situations for their clients.

Viva Wallet was the first to create an e-money license that can live in the cloud and function across all of Europe’s economic areas.


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This idea of making payments easy, smart, quick, reliable and fast has been a hit. It has grown to become a pan-European system of payment that empowers merchants by its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Viva Wallet has 500 employees in 23 countries and nine different languages.

“Our mission is change the way businesses get paid and pay them.” We created a smart WooCommerce extension to meet merchants’ frictionless payment needs. This will allow us to increase conversion rates of online shops,” Haris Karonis (CEO of Viva Wallet) said.

The magic of Viva Wallet

It is a one-stop shop that enhances the customer experience and benefits shop owners. The platform combines the best of a credit card company, a payment processor and a local bank in an exclusive European context.

This technology automatically recognizes the country of each customer and localizes language, currency and payment methods. This technology provides a better customer experience and increases conversion rates for shop owners.

The shop owner can use the Viva Wallet account as a bank account to withdraw funds from the store.

These are just a few of the other benefits.

  • Viva Wallet has no monthly fees or hidden costs. Merchants can use shop proceeds to pay with their debit card issued by Viva Wallet.
  • For settlements in the country where they do business, owners of businesses don’t have to open a separate account at a bank. They offer a local IBAN-enabled Merchant account.
  • The shop owner receives the money the day after transactions have taken place. This includes holidays.
  • Merchants can lower their payment fees to 0% if the Viva Wallet Debit card is used for corporate expenses such as social advertising (Google Ads and Facebook Ads), etc. Lunches, fuel, and alcoholic beverages.
  • Merchants accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  • Local payment platforms such as iDeal and Przelewy24 can be used to make payments. More are added each month.
  • Customers pay on-site, rather than being redirected elsewhere.
  • Viva Wallet runs its software in the Microsoft Azure cloud. This significantly reduces merchant risk. They won’t miss a payment and they won’t suffer any losses from system outages.
  • Viva Wallet, a licensed emoney institution, provides PCI DSS Level 1, strong customer authentication (SCA), integrated AI risk management and payment protection with 3D Secure. This results in lower chargebacks.

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Brighter, connected future

Viva Wallet offers a single market for online payments throughout Europe.

Viva Wallet was founded by a group engineers and technology powers all its offerings. Its infrastructure was designed from scratch, unlike the banking industry. This allows for possibility and avoids the old ways of moving money.

“We are thrilled to partner with WooCommerce in order to bring our cloud-based solution online merchants throughout Europe. We help merchants increase their online sales with the free Viva Wallet extension for WooCommerce. It is easy to integrate and supports all major international payment schemes. WooCommerce merchants will now be able to reduce their payment fees by using the free Viva Wallet debit Mastercard.

Viva Wallet worked with WooCommerce to develop an extension that would offer a seamless user experience and increase conversion rates for online shops.

Viva Wallet for WooCommerce

The Viva Wallet extension for WooCommerce integrates natively to stores to synchronize sales and refunds as well as customer data between WooCommerce Viva Wallet. All payment channels can be managed by business owners through one central platform. It is easy to integrate, set up quickly, and receive automatic updates.

Only after Viva Wallet’s leaders, developers, and other WooCommerce members had embedded themselves into the WooCommerce community, listening and gathering feedback, and then implementing the lessons learned into the extension, was the extension launched in 2020.

It is now possible to create a state of the art eCommerce solution that runs on WooCommerce. Viva Wallet continues to improve the integration with daily improvements.

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