Top 25 Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

It can be thrilling to start a business, especially if your business idea is unique and will make you stand out among the rest. If they solve everyday consumer problems, even the most bizarre business ideas can be very successful. Our experts have shared some wild business ideas to inspire you.

These are 25 crazy business ideas that have been inspired by the pros.

 Lori Ramas, Business Efficiency Expert for Relezant


1. Design Pizza Box Ads

Lori Ramas, Business Efficiency Expert, Relezant

Consider this idea if your target audience is similar to any local pizzerias. Let them know that your company has a community outreach program and that you are willing to pay for an advertisement for them. Tell them that you will be creating a double-sided advertisement with your deal on one side, and any other deal on the opposite side. They will need to pay for printing them. You can ask that they staple it on every pizza box for a month (which could mean thousands). As a community deal, you can distribute them to your local community, via email, Facebook, or on Facebook. The deal and community spirit will be appreciated by your shared demo. You’ve also built trust with local businesses.

Brian Winch, Owner of Cleanlots

2. 2.

Brian Winch, Cleanlots

Entrepreneur magazine states that parking lot litter cleanup is a “simple, affordable, and potentially lucrative” business. My company provides a roadmap for others to start their own parking area cleaning business. The startup costs for basic litter collection tools are as low as $100, and you can easily operate the business from your own home. Gas and vehicle maintenance are the major operating expenses. Part-time income can reach $50,000, $100,000, full-time income of $100,000, and even more if there are many cleaners. People who follow our model can continue to work full-time even if businesses close, since the work is done after hours.

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3. Register Health & Wellness Influencers

Fab Giovanetti, CEO, Health Bloggers Community

Two reasons led to the creation of a register for influencers. The first was the fact that we were constantly reading about the problems in an unregulated industry and looked at headlines. We listened to bloggers and influencers who were also concerned about the same issue and asked them for their ideal solutions. They advise you to have at least 250 positive reactions to your product in order to make it profitable. They know what they want to create something new and different.

4. Make video tombstones

Robert Barrows President, R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising & Public Relations

The creation of video tombstones is bound to cause a lot of controversy. You will be able to have fascinating free speech discussions because you never know what someone might say beyond their grave via their video tombstone. Will it be truthful or false? This kind of controversy will also generate a lot of awareness about the video tombstones. Video tombstones could be used to tell stories in television and film. A video tombstone can make thousands of dollars, but a horror film based on video tombstones could still make millions.


5. Establish a hotel for pets

Marc Prosser is the co-founder of Fit Small Business

This idea may not seem so farfetched as many people think. It’s not unusual to find pet-friendly hotels that look like hotels. A website should look professional like a regular hotel. This means that you need a domain name that matches the brand. Bluehost offers domain registration, website hosting and even business email addresses for as low as $2.95 per monthly. View Bluehost hosting plans.

Lisa Baronoff, Founder of Walkee Paws

6. Sell Dog Leggings

Lisa Baronoff, Founder, Walkee Paws

It is no secret that pet owners are spoiling their dogs more than ever. Pet fashion is becoming more popular each year, as pet owners are able to afford better food, products and services. Let’s face the facts: Dogs can wear anything a human can wear. My business makes dog clothing that is fun, fashionable, and cute. It provides maximum comfort for dogs and protects them from germs and dirt.

Diane Huth, The Accidental Career Coach, Brand Your Guide

7. Be a wedding officiant

Diane Huth, The Accidental Coach in Career, Brand Your Guide

It is possible to be a lay minister, perform ceremonies, reconfirmations of vows, or even attend non-religious funerals. This is one of the most rewarding jobs you can get. According to The Knot, officiants are usually paid $500 to $800 to perform a ceremony. It’s a reasonable amount for an hour or so of work. You can “ordain yourself” as a minister online by joining a variety of “churches”. Check out,, or For less than $100 you can become an ordained minister for life. Turnaround time is usually within one week. A “kit” can be purchased that includes wedding certificates, ID cards and parking placards. You can also purchase a kit with a church organization setup, often starting at $200. To look professional, you might want to purchase a robe and sash. Or just a business suit.

Bryan Mattimore, Co-founder & Chief Idea Guy, Growth Engine Innovation Agency

8. AI can be used to read emotions

Bryan Mattimore, Co-founder & Chief Idea Guy, Growth Engine Innovation Agency

Affectiva is one of many software programs that uses biometric feedback, computer vision and speech analytics to identify human emotions. This idea is to make “meeting participation and efficiency” possible by using the latest advances in human emotion monitoring. A new service that monitors the emotions of participants in meetings could be created. It would 1) rate their interest and involvement, 2) compare these results with other groups, and 3) offer suggestions and encouragement to meeting leaders, organizers, or presenters to make meetings more satisfying or better for participants.

Adam White, Founder of SEO Jet

9. Create a tool that collects search data

Adam White, Founder, SEO Jet

This business idea addresses a specific problem that website owners have: they want to know what search terms people are using when they visit their site from Google. Google discontinued sharing search terms with users many years ago. Website owners are now unaware of key phrases driving traffic to their websites through search. A tool that combined Google analytics and search console to determine which key phrases are driving traffic would be a huge boon for thousands of businesses. This idea is a great example of how the best business ideas solve a problem many people face.

Maggie Aland, Marketing & Review Editor at Fit Small Business

10. You can sell “unusual cakes” online

Maggie Aland Marketing & Review Editor, Small Business

You can find unusual cakes in many forms. These can range from small money cakes that are hollowed and filled with paper bills, which celebrants can take out after they blow out their candles to large three-tier cakes that have a person inside, ready to be revealed as a surprise. These products can be sold online. Bigcommerce integrates seamlessly with social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and WordPress to make your products more accessible to more customers. The platform offers advanced selling features that are simple to use so that even novice sellers can set up a website in no time. Get a 15-day free trial from BigCommerce.

Sarah Parlos, CEO of Events at HOME

11. Let Your Space Be Used for Events

Sarah Parlos, CEO, events at HOME

You can rent your land, house, barn, or property for events, weddings, and corporate gatherings up to three times per year. There are no sleepovers, and the rental rates are per hour. The typical profit for homeowners is between $600 and $900 for a 12-hour rent of land (no home access), or $1,200 to $1.800 for a 12-hour rental with access to the house and land. The hourly rate for waterfront estates with all the amenities can easily run to $600-$800. This could quickly add up and cost over $9,000 for one-day events. Many people are attracted to the possibility of using a unique property, which may not have been available before.

Matthew Ross, Co-owner & COO of The Slumber Yard

12. Start an Adult Day Care Center

Matthew Ross, COO & Co-owner, The Slumber Yard

There is a market opportunity for a brand-named chain of adult daycare centers. Demand for adult day care centers will continue to grow as the baby boomer generation ages. Most adult daycare centers are owned and operated at the moment. This means that there isn’t yet a McDonald’s for adult day care centers. A few could be combined to achieve substantial scale and cost savings. This would also increase brand awareness. BizBuySell is a great place to start looking for local businesses that are available at a discounted price. This would be a great place to begin.

crazy business ideas - tips from the pros

13. Offering Jail Time Experience

Do you want to create an Airbnb experience that is unique? People are willing to pay for unusual experiences and jail is one such experience. You can make your own prison if you have the space and are willing to renovate. For hundreds of dollars, you can book your rooms in exchange for the complete package that includes role-playing and perhaps even some prison food and labor.

crazy business ideas - tips from the pros

14. 14.Become a professional cuddler

A professional cuddling business owner received thousands of emails asking for bookings within a week of opening their doors. This shows that demand exists for touch therapy and people will pay $80 for 1.5 hours.

Gavin Graham, Editor at Fit Small Business

15. We specialize in weird website design

Gavin Graham, Editor Fit Small Business

Niche down your service to make yourself stand out among other web designers. For bloggers looking to make a unique impression with book promotion, or for movie reviewers who blog to showcase new films, quirky website designs work well. You’ll need a customizable blog platform such as WordPress. WordPress is the preferred platform for professional bloggers. It has easy-to use features that allow even beginners to create their own blogs in minutes. WordPress also has many themes and plugins that make even the most bizarre website designs possible. Start with today.

crazy business ideas - tips from the pros

16. Let Your Pets Go

There is a demand to rent out pets. This includes schools who want to set up a pet zoo or residents who are considering raising their own pets. Renting out animals that you have raised is a great way to make extra income if you own a farm. Rent the Chicken, for example, offers a rental package which includes a portable chicken coop, feed and food dishes as well as instructions on how to care for them.

crazy business ideas - tips from the pros

17. Design Boyfriend Pillows

Cuddle buddy boyfriend pillows are something you must have heard of by now. These are body pillows that look like a man’s chest and have one arm to wrap around you while you sleep. You’ll learn the basics of making your own. If you have a unique idea, you can make a business of it. You can attach the recorders to small toys and record audio clips of a man talking, snoring, or using his voice. You could also start a shop to make body pillows, if that’s more your idea.

crazy business ideas - tips from the pros

18. Create a Rage Room

Rage rooms can help people with hectic work and family lives. You can rent a large space with random items and make a rage room. This is a great way to get out of your head and not be drowsy or spend too much time indoors.

crazy business ideas - tips from the pros

19. Collect Lost Golf Balls

Here’s the answer to your question if you have ever wondered about what happens to golf ball that ends up in the bottom water hazards. The business of locating lost golf balls can make hundreds of dollars. They can find as many as 3,000 golf ball daily by diving into the ponds. They then sell them for 60 cents to one dollar. You can also purchase equipment, such as the Golf Fisherman, which allows you to collect golf balls without ever having to get in the water. It costs around $50. After you have cleaned them, you can sell them on eBay and make a lot of money.

crazy business ideas - tips from the pros

20. 20.

Even a designated driver for a group can sometimes get a little too drunk and end up unable to find a way to get home. A designated driver service is different than ride-sharing services like Uber. You are called to return the client’s car to their home. You may also offer add-on services such as bringing a cup of coffee with you or creating an app that will book your service and send a summary to your client’s mobile phone.

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21. Help clients with their hangovers

No one looks forward to getting up in the morning after a night of drinking, so it’s no surprise that hangover helpers are highly sought-after. Your service can help your client prepare for the day, from making an effective morning-after cocktail to making a delicious breakfast. If your client is the host of the party, you can offer emergency clean-up.

crazy business ideas - tips from the pros

22. 22.

Have you ever wondered what happens to engagement rings if marriage proposals go sour? Jewelers rarely offer refunds so most engagement rings will be resold at a much lower price. Your business will get a lot of attention if you are able to set up a platform that allows direct buyers to sellers, or you can buy them directly at fair prices.

crazy business ideas - tips from the pros

23. 23.

The job of a virtual dating assistant is to help clients find the right match. This involves keeping their dating account active and connecting with their ideal partner. A virtual assistant (VA), who manages your social media accounts, will chat with the client and update their profile. This service is ideal for those who are serious about finding a partner and wish to get the best out of dating apps.

crazy business ideas - tips from the pros

24. 24.

Online tools make it easy to create your own app. Your app can help people get over breakups. Stages can be created that include activities to assist clients in moving on from a breakup. As an incentive for clients to complete challenges or tasks, offer vouchers for salon and spa treatments.

crazy business ideas - tips from the pros

25. 25.

There are many dating apps available, and some have proven successful in helping clients find the right match. It’s not surprising that pet owners would want to adopt a similar platform. This fun twist can give owners and pets more options through a large search engine. Your subscribers can benefit from discounted pet products or other premium services. This is a great way to make money.

Bottom Line

As a small business owner, creativity will be a great asset. It may even be your key to success. When you are thinking of starting your next venture, keep in mind this list of unusual business ideas from the pros.

Are you a crazy business idea? Please share your ideas with us in the comments.

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