These are the Best Dropshipping Products You Can Sell in 2020

Dropshipping is an excellent way for budding entrepreneurs to get started in eCommerce. This low-risk, increasingly popular sales method is now available in a list.

Dropshipping is a business that requires no production, inventory, or employees, at least not in the beginning. Dropshippers, unlike traditional retail models, purchase inventory from third parties to fulfill orders. This is usually a wholesaler or manufacturer.

The first and most important task of any business is to decide which products you want. It’s a good idea, to start with, to think about your customers and what problems they have. Dropshipping is not always about profiting from a trend. These principles will help you make the right decision about what product to sell.

1. Find new products that meet the needs of a pre-existing audience who are motivated to buy. This audience should be large enough that you can provide steady customers.

To increase your knowledge of people and products, go on a fact-finding expedition. You may uncover new areas of the market by researching successful dropshipping products. You can create a niche in your existing market to add value and be the preferred source for certain products.


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2. You can narrow down your search to just a few products. Note the type of products within each subcategory, such as pet fashion items. Take a look at what is available and what people are purchasing. This will help you get to know your industry better.

3. Discover short-lived trends. N-95 masks are a dropshipping product that we will refer to shortly. Did the majority of people look for face masks prior to February 2020? No. However, dropshipping businesses were well-positioned to take advantage of this trend when Covid-19 came out. These products could be less in demand within a year or two.

Dropshipping is the best way to get the best products

We have analyzed product lists from some of the most established dropshipping sites and related websites, such as Spocket and OberloSaleshoo and other.

These are a few that we have handpicked to be considered:

1. Animal novelty

Anything that features their favorite animal is a big deal to animal lovers. There is a good chance you have a relative with a large collection of ducks or a high school friend who is obsessed with sharks. They may not find socks that feature their favorite animal in regular shops, but they would love to shop online for great options!

Dropshipping is a great way to sell novelty socks made from animals. They are unique and hard to find in shops, but they appeal to a large audience.

2. Silicone baby gloves for teethers

Friends and family are excited to give gifts to each new baby. Silicone teether gloves can be a unique way for babies to chew on something that doesn’t hurt. They work! They are getting rave reviews so it is likely that millions will purchase them in the hopes that they work.

3. Phone tripods

This accessory is part of a growing category of phone accessories. Anyone who has ever tried to balance their phone on a pile of books or another random object knows how frustrating this can be. The phone tripod is inexpensive and can be used by anyone, from grandparents on FaceTime to teenagers who want to take photos and business professionals on Zoom calls.

Learn more:

4. Remote control cars

Since the 1960s, remote control cars are available. These miniature cars were a common childhood toy for parents who want to bring their children away from the video games and spend time with them. Remote-controlled cars, which are cooler and more affordable with each generation, may be the solution.

5. Tablets containing melatonin

Melatonin tablets pose a triple threat. They are suitable for the health niche, beauty niche, and supplements. Why? Good sleep is associated with better health and a better appearance.

People need to sleep well in these times of constant stress and numerous gadgets. Many people are now looking for natural remedies such as melatonin.

6. Instrument repair tool kit

People are spending more time at their homes, which means that more people are looking for activities to do. It might be the perfect time for those who were unable to pursue their childhood dreams of becoming classical violinists or heavy metal guitarists, but now is a good time to start learning how to play an instrument.

Dropshipping can make a niche for musicians who are passionate about music. People with strong interests will purchase all kinds of related products. Each instrument could be treated as a hobby and could therefore support its own collection of dropshipped products.

7. Pets can use an electric flea comb

A puppy can be all laughter and Instagam fodder, but it will eventually get fleas. Flea-infested chemical treatments might be the end of the road. The invention is an electric-charged comb that kills fleas and does not harm the dog. Customers will keep coming back if they like it. They’ll also need another one as their pup gets older.

8. Protect your shoes with waterproof shoe covers

These might seem silly. These unique and individualistic fashion styles aren’t slowing down.

9. Resistance

These stretchable bands are an essential piece of equipment for home fitness. They are lightweight and portable, unlike weights or pilates bands, and they can be used to enhance any type and level of exercise.

10. Organic tea

Is it possible to sell food through a dropshipping company? Yes. You just need to ensure that it has the required shelf life for shipping. Tea is a great product, because customers will buy it again and again if they like it.

Other niches

These products cover some of the most lucrative dropshipping niches. Other niches include smartwatch accessories, wearable devices, men’s grooming tools and smartwatch accessories.

What’s next?

Learn from successful dropshipping businesses how they present their products, how they order, and how to market. So you don’t have a ton of work to do, learn as much as you can from the best dropshipping companies.

Be aware of the products that you don’t want to sell. Nexcess recommends Avoiding:

  • Products that are sharp or flammable
  • Fragile products may break during shipping
  • Copyrighted imagery is not allowed on products
  • Shipping costs for heavy products can be prohibitive.
  • Too many moving parts in electronics and tech.
  • High-end, fitted clothing can result in high returns.
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