The Pandemic Has Changed International eCommerce — For Good

The pandemic has changed how we shop, just as it has transformed our attitudes towards everything, from visiting friends to attending concerts to dining out at restaurants and visiting friends. The shift to eCommerce has been most dramatic in the overseas region. Many developing countries have jumpedfrogbed into eCommerce in less than one year. These changes are here for the long-term.

The international shift in consumer behavior has opened new markets for US-based online stores. With WooCommerce stores, it’s never been easier to go global. Thanks to a partnership between WooCommerce shipping and DHL the world’s largest logistics company,

It’s easier to go global than you think

Rachel McGarry (Head of Platforms at DHL) stated that is more than 95 percent of the global population. The question is: How do you make sense out of this and make it work for your benefit? There are many opportunities for growth beyond our borders.

McGarry acknowledged that it may seem impossible to go global for small to medium-sized online direct-to-consumer (D2C), businesses. However, integration with WooCommerce or DHL “simplifies and makes it possible.”

McGarry stated, “If you as a store owner can identify the opportunity to create the product, then we can take it from here.” “We have done all the heavy lifting. WooCommerce/DHL integration virtually eliminates the stress involved in processing orders from overseas.

The DHL WooCommerce dream crew

WooCommerce Shipping allows store owners to purchase DHL Express labels at a discounted price right from their dashboards. There are no setup fees and no monthly charges.

Other perks include:

  • No additional charges for DHL pickups
  • Fast delivery (usually within two to five business days).
  • Tracking of all shipment ends with automated customer emails
  • Form creation for Automated Customs
  • Online duty collection.
  • Other delivery options (like the EU service lockers) are also available.

Unprecedented growth opportunities

eCommerce has faced many barriers in many countries. For example, consumers are hesitant to use banks or electronic payment methods. But the disruption caused by the pandemic has forced rapid change

Mexico’s inability to shop in person drove a 54 percent increase in web sales. Online sales in Brazil increased by 66 percent between 2000 and 2020, more than twice the U.S. An estimated 10 million Russians went online after the pandemic. According to an article published in Bloomberg, India is the country with the greatest growth potential. The online market there is expected to nearly triple by 2024.

“2020 was a year that digital commerce was adopted at a faster pace. The internet has made it easier for people to shop online, opening up huge global opportunities. McGarry stated that it can be overwhelming to travel internationally, but it doesn’t have too. DHL provides customers with premium express shipping to over 220+ countries and territories. It also offers full visibility and flexible delivery options. This allows businesses of all sizes to provide the fast and efficient service consumers expect.

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Do you need to expand internationally?

Cross-border trade will grow faster than national growth, so sticking to domestic customers is a mistake. Research shows that cross-border trade is more lucrative than domestic. The average order value for cross border transactions is 17% higher than the domestic equivalent.

This is a great opportunity that you should not miss. DHL provides a list of tips to international success and a simple test for businesses to determine if it is worth your time.

McGarry stated that merchants can assess their direct opportunities by reviewing website traffic by geography, and then calculating the demand in specific markets. You can start by looking at countries that have lower entry barriers, such as those that are predominantly English-speaking.

DHL Advantage

You may not be as familiar with DHL’s trucks than you are with other delivery companies in the U.S. DHL is the largest logistics provider. DHL is a niche provider with a huge global reach, unlike the rest.

McGarry stated, “The way that I often describe it to peoples is that DHL’s like soccer.” It’s the most popular sport in the United States, even though not everyone knows it. DHL is the global leader for international logistics.

COVID also found that on-time and transparent deliveries are important. According to research, consumers attribute their delivery experience to the merchant and not the carrier. Brands sought a better solution that would allow them to see the door and avoid the delays caused by many shipping companies during the pandemic.

McGarry stated that premium service, from checkout to doorstep, has a direct impact on how a brand’s perception is in the short- and longer-term. Studies show that there is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

DHL’s services can be accessed in different languages around the world and the technology that allows customers to track and control their packages through the On Demand Deliveryservice ensures buyers have the security, flexibility and transparency that makes for a positive experience.

Are you ready to go global?

Add an international shipping zone if you already have WordPress Shipping. DHL will be available as an option in the service selection.

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