The Complete Guide to Shopify Thank You Page Optimization

Here’s the truth

You’re not making enough money if you use the Shopify standard thank you page.


Your thank-you page is an important page in your sales funnel. It’s currently converting at 0.

But, fortunately, you are here!

That’s great because you’re about find out how to turn your traditional thank you page into an income-generating, brand-building asset.

You can improve your customer relations, retention rate, and average order value by making a few tweaks.

That’s a promise you won’t get every single day.

Let’s not waste time!

What is a Shopify Thank You Page and how does it work?

Shopify’s thank you page, also known as the order confirmation webpage, is where customers go after they have placed their order.

Customers can view their order summary on the default Shopify thank-you page and check for shipping updates.

This is great, but the order confirmation page is still one of the most overlooked pages in eCommerce.

Why You Should Customize Your Shopify Thank You Pages

Your landing pages and product pages are the real stars when it comes to revenue.

Okay, this is a little harsh.

Their importance cannot be denied.

Despite its power, the humble thank you page is seldom given the credit it deserves.

Your thank you page is, in a nutshell, like the kid on your team who didn’t boast but came up with the idea to win you a championship.

This can be explained by four factors:

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1. It’s a Psychologically-Proven Conversion Power-house

Robert Cialdini, a psychologist, points out in his illustrious book “influence” that humans are more likely to act in the same way as our previous actions.

This means that every time you convert a customer in eCommerce, they are more likely to do so again.

This is where you’ll find me.

A customer who hits your thank you page converts on your store.

This means that they are more likely to accept any request you make and convert again.

Learn more:

2. 100% Offered Rate

Many eCommerce merchants offer targeted offers to customers via an email after purchase.

However, email open rate has been decreasing over the past three years.

You don’t have to fight tooth and nail for open rates between 25% and 26%. Why not present your post-purchase offers on your thank you page instead?

It is a simple idea that almost every customer will see.

Customers will often see the item multiple times (on average, 2.6 times) when they return to us for shipping updates.

The old saying is that more impressions equals more conversions.

3. Thank you Page Offers Don’t Distract Customers

Cross-sells are great.

However, introducing them too soon can leave customers feeling confused or like you are trying to fleece them.

This allows you to keep your buyer’s journey clear and minimizes the chance of losing the sale.

4. Massive ROI, Minimum Effort

Increasing revenue requires hours of planning, lots of testing, complicated schemes and a lot of capital.

However, customizing your Shopify thank-you page is easy because the thank you page exists already.

It is not possible to put it to work.

You only need a little bit of knowledge and the right tools to get started.

Let’s get started.

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7 Easy Tricks to Optimize Your Shopify Thank You Page

You have to wonder if you can afford to not customize thank-you pages when eCommerce giants like Amazon or eBay do it.

These are the top 10 best ways to optimize Shopify’s thank you page so that you get more sales.

1. Add Post Purchase Upsells & Cross-sells

It is becoming increasingly difficult to extract profit from every sale, as acquisition costs rise.

To increase your bottom line, encourage customers to spend more money (more frequently).

The best way to make customers spend more is to offer them something extra.

It’s a timely post-purchase offer, you guessed it.

Consider this: When a customer clicks on your Thank-You Page, it means they have just purchased from you.

They are as qualified as possible.

These customers have a 60%-70% higher chance of converting if they are nudged in the right context at the right moment.

Here’s an example:

You can see that they were able to generate nearly 27% of their total revenue through a post-purchase increase.

You’d be amazed at the extra revenue of PS12,700 ($17,000.500) per month for an offer that took only 30 minutes to setup.

The best part?

This is an additional PS12,700 that can be generated without spending any extra money.

It’s profit that is pure and unadulterated, even if you subtract the product cost.

Shopify allows you to add a variety of offers and techniques to your Shopify Thank You Page.

Forever21, for example, shows similar products to lure shoppers into making another purchase.

This tactic is also used by eCom giant Amazon

To increase conversions, add an incentive to your thank you page offer to boost conversions.

These are some ways to increase sales on Shopify’s Thank You Page

  • Discounts Recommendations to Shoppers: Get shoppers to shop again with a cash or % discount
  • Pop Ups: A compelling way to grab customers’ attention and get them to take action
  • Recommend Products: A less pushy way for customers to remind them about items that they haven’t used.
  • Time-sensitive Offers:Banish hesitation, increase conversions and add an element of scarcity

You can combine these strategies to increase your revenue and post-purchase offers.

The key takeaway: You can increase your average order value instantly and make more money by using post-purchase offers.

2. Encourage Social Engagement and Referrals

On average, customers spend 20%-30% more when they are associated with brands on social media.

This makes sense because when your brand appears on customers’ social media feeds repeatedly, it builds indirect rapport with them.

Many brands ask for a follow in post-purchase emails. But why wait?

Your order confirmation page is a great place to ask your customers to follow your social media accounts and keep them connected with your brand.

Check out Gymshark’s social follow widget. This ensures that they convert a percentage of their customers into followers.

You can add social sharing buttons to any order, in addition to building your following base.

This is a powerful strategy because customers are eager to show off their purchase. The more you make it easy for them, the greater your chances of reaching new customers.

Check out Warby Parker’s ease of sharing your order on social media.

Customers are great at sharing social media posts.

  • These people introduce your brand and products to potential customers that may not have otherwise known about you.
  • 92% consumers trust recommendations from family and friends more than advertisements.

If you don’t encourage social engagement and sharing on your thank-you page, it is time to reevaluate why.

The key takeaway: Asking for shares and follows on your thank you page is a low commitment conversion request that can pay big rewards.

3. Reaffirm Your Brand Personality

It is said that the first impressions are everything.

Your thank-you page can be your first opportunity to establish a long-lasting relationship with your customer, and turn them into repeat customers.

The problem is that Shopify’s generic thank you page isn’t as memorable as a Tupperware lunch on Tuesday in February.

Shopify is used by so many merchants that your thank-you page may be just one of many customers have seen in the past week.

Don’t follow the crowd. Your thank you page can be customized with original copy, images and videos that appeals to your ideal buyer.

A thank-you page video can be a powerful way to express gratitude to customers for their membership. It will also help you build a relationship with them and bring you closer to them.

The Key Takeaway: Impress customers with a thank you page that’s full of your brand’s personality.

4. Take advantage of Post-Purchase Surveys

Dismally low response rates are a common problem with customer feedback requests.

You’ll find that they often reply within hours, if not days, after visiting your store.

These problems can be solved by a quick survey on your thank-you page.

  • If it is easy for customers to provide feedback, they are more likely to do so.
  • This feedback will likely be more accurate if the experience is still fresh in their mind.

To get more responses, Victoria’s Secret uses a thank-you page survey.

Surveys not only help customers feel heard, but accurate data can also be used to improve your shopping experience and increase conversions.

The Key Takeaway: You can use post-purchase surveys to improve your eCommerce store’s performance on your thank-you page.

5. Additional customer data can be collected

Post-purchase surveys can be used to improve your eCommerce marketing.

You can segment your audience by collecting customer information after purchase to deliver more relevant messages.

Segmentation can increase email open rates by 15%, and your customer return rate by as much as 5%.

Again, many brands deliver post-purchase surveys via email. This is possible.

A survey on the thank-you page will ensure that almost all customers see it. Therefore, you are more likely to get a decent number of responses.

Take Harry’s for example. They use surveys to get more information about customers, which allows them to offer more targeted offers.

A simple task like collecting customer birthdays can be very compelling when combined to an automated email marketing campaign which sends them offers on the special day.

The Key Takeaway: Use surveys to find out more about your customers after they convert.

6. Eliminate Buyers Remorse

Have you ever bought something only to feel guilty about it or regret it later? That’s buyer remorse.

Trust me, you are not the only one. 8 out of 10 respondents admit to feeling buyer’s regrets.

Buyer’s regret is when we subconsciously feel guilty about spending too much or wish we had bought something else.

Good news! Your thank you page can help ease these unpleasant feelings.

How do you do it? There are two ways to do it:

  • Instead of saying “thank you”, reinforce the benefits of your products and remind customers why they made the right choice.
  • To prove the quality of your products, and to dispel any doubts, use customer testimonials.

Social proof is a comforting balm that melts our uncertainties and makes us feel confident about our purchase.

When we feel satisfied with what we have bought, it’s more likely that we will repurchase it.

The Key Takeaway: Show new customers how much they love your products and reduce order cancellations.


7. Add Customer Service and Tracking

Have you ever bought something and your brain starts to produce 100 random questions as soon as the receipt is printed?

You’re so worried that you can’t even remember where it is, and suddenly, your mind races with worries like

  • “What should I do if it doesn’t fit?”
  • “How do I return it?”
  • How long does shipping take?

You need to provide support options for your thank-you page after a purchase frenzy.

Excellent customer service is one way to keep customers coming back.

It only makes sense to provide customer service as soon as the buyer has purchased from you.

Instead of forcing customers to find ways to contact you, provide support options and order tracking on your thank-you page.

Customers will appreciate the ease with which you make their problems solveable.

The Key Takeaway: Link to your contact and help center so customers can quickly get the help they need when an issue arises.

Shopify Thank you Page Final Thoughts

You can now see the benefits of creating a custom thank you page for Shopify.

It is important to be flexible, but not too much.

Your thank you page must be clear. It should include information about the payment success of your customer, their order details and their shipping status.

Do not overwhelm your customer with endless requests for engagement and over-the-top sales pitches.

It is important to strike a balance between converting more customers and not compromising the customer experience.

Focusing on adding value for your customers via your thank-you page, rather than just asking, will result in customers returning time and again.

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