Ten Paid + Free Print On Demand Companies to Sell Custom Products

With custom products you can launch your own clothing line or target a niche. Print on Demand allows you to fulfill all your needs without the need for inventory.

However, it can be difficult to find the best print on demand companies that will work with to bring your vision to reality. Every platform has its own unique catalog of products and shipping considerations that will impact your decision.

We’ve reviewed 10 top print-on demand sites to help you narrow down your options.

These are the 10 top print-on demand companies

These print-on-demand websites are completely free and you will only have to pay for shipping and product costs after an order has been placed.

  1. Printful
  2. SPOD
  3. Printify
  4. Apliiq Dropship
  5. Teelaunch
  6. CustomCat
  7. Lulu Xpress
  8. T-Pop
  9. JetPrint: Print On Demand
  10. Easy Print on Demand

These key factors will help you choose the right print on demand service to meet your needs.

  • Shipping: How long does it take for production to start after a customer places an order? From where does the company ship? What are the company’s shipping policies? How is shipping calculated
  • What printing options are available?
  • Unique features Do they have any special features or offerings that are different from others?
  • Recommend for: Who is this print-on demand solution best for?
  • Overview of the Products: What products can you customize?

Shopify integrates with all the print on demand options, so you can create a custom online storefront that lists your products and things you make and sell wherever your audience is.

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  • Shipping: Most orders are ready for shipment within 2-5 business days of being received from the US, Mexico or Europe. 50% of orders arrive in less than three days. Standard shipping to the US costs $3.99 and takes between three to four days. (See their shipping map to see other destinations). Shipping costs vary depending on the product. Additional items can be shipped at discounted rates.
  • Printing options:Printful can print directly to garment, embroidery, cut-and-sew or sublimation depending on the product. For an additional fee, you can add tear-away tags and inserts to your packaging to create a more personalized customer experience.
  • Unique features A built-in mockup maker makes it easy to get your product ready for sale in just minutes. Printful is also able to integrate with most marketplaces and commerce platforms, including Shopify. Printful also offers a 20% discount for sample orders.
  • Recommended for:Both new and experienced entrepreneurs want a flexible, well-rounded start on a solution that scales with them. This is a great option for selling phone cases.

Printful is one the top print on demand companies. They offer a wide variety of products and features that can be customized. These include tshirt mockup generators and services such as logo design. Printful’s catalog has everything you need to sell apparel, prints and accessories.

You can add your branding to products and packaging for an additional fee. This includes inside labels and inserts. These are great ways to promote your product lines or encourage repeat business. Printful offers a range of services, including graphic design and marketing videos. Bulk discounts up to 30% are also available.


  • T-shirts (American Apparel, Bella + Canvas, Gildan, etc.)
  • Joggers, leggings and sweatpants
  • Backpacks and totes
  • Mugs
  • Phone cases
  • Bean bag chairs
  • Framed posters
  • Prints
  • Plus, over 220 others



  • Shipping: Orders are shipped within 48 hours of the US. Domestic shipping starts at $3.57 and takes 3 to 8 business day. Prices are determined based on the total order value and not individual products or quantities. For more information, see SPOD’s shipping calculation.
  • Printing options Digital direct, thermal Sublimation, digital transfer/laser Transfer, special Flex, depending on what product you are trying to create
  • Unique Features: Customers can personalize their purchase with their images, their own designs, or any of the 50k designs provided by SPOD. You can also get a 20% discount on your sample order.
  • Recommended for: People who are new to printing on demand and want speedy fulfillment, reduced shipping costs, and low prices. SPOD offers one of the most powerful customization tools available.

Spreadshirt owns SPOD, which is a print-on-demand business that is among the most successful. It has one of the fastest fulfillment times, with 95% of orders shipped within 48 hours. This makes it a pleasant experience for customers.

It may not have the greatest selection of products available, but it offers the best prices and an easy to use product designer.

The shipping cost is calculated based on the order value. Shipping costs can be complicated with most print-on demand companies. This is especially true if you have multiple products in different categories. SPOD costs are based on orders value. This makes it easy to create shipping rules that maximize profitability and encourage customers to add to their carts with upselling or cross-selling.


  • T-shirts in classic styles starting at $6.39
  • High quality organic t-shirts
  • Adjustable aprons
  • Baseball caps
  • Tank tops for women that are longer in length
  • Camper mugs
  • 7-inch crew socks
  • There are 110 other options

3. Print


  • Shipping Printify is a vendor network that sources and prints products from other vendors around the globe. This means that the print provider you choose will affect product prices, shipping costs, packaging, and time to produce.
  • Printing options available: Direct to garment, Sublimation. Cut and sew, embroidery and many more depending on the product and print provider.
  • Exclusive features: Upgrade to the monthly premium plan to receive 20% off your order. This can help you to increase your profit margins, especially when you are ready to scale.
  • Recommended for Anyone looking for a cost-effective and flexible print-on-demand option that allows you to find a partner who ships products from a particular region of the globe.

Printify is unique in that you have access to a wide range of printing partners around the globe. Printify allows you to select the printer you wish to use based on your country of residence. This will allow you to ship faster and cheaper.

Printify has the best margins and largest product selection available. There is a tradeoff: the quality of products and printer service can differ depending on who you are working with. Further setup is required if you choose to work with multiple vendors .


  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Backpacks
  • Canvas wraps and framed prints
  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Stickers
  • Swimwear
  • Skirts
  • Blankets
  • Sneakers
  • High heels
  • Plus, over 250 others

It can be difficult to find the right print-on demand company to help you realize your vision.

4. Apliiq Print On Demand


  • Shipping: Orders can be produced in as little as seven days. Apliiq offers a weight-based shipping starting from $3.99 to the US. They ship internationally to more than 150 countries (see their International Shipping Page for their shipping rates). You can choose to expedite your shipping or pay a rush order fee of 10% for faster fulfillment.
  • Printing options Add your brand label, clothing tags or embroidered patches to make your products feel truly yours. Apliiq offers digital print, screen printing (for bulk orders), cut-and-sew, applique (where you design is sewn onto a separate fabric), as well as embroidery options.
  • Unusual features: Add custom labels, clothing tags and patches to personalize your products. Apliiq allows for more customization than other platforms. You can design the interior lining of your hoodie, add pockets, patches and many more to your clothing.
  • Recommended for Anyone who is serious about fashion and wants to start their own clothing line.

Apliiq is the best option to create a clothing line with design and quality at its core. It is based in Los Angeles and offers a wide variety of customization options to help you create your own private label apparel products.

Apliiq offers better wholesale discount than other print-on-demand suppliers (starting at 20% for bulk orders of 10), and is an excellent partner for anyone looking to launch a fashion brand that sells through both online and offline channels.

Upgrade to a plan with 100 custom woven labels for $100 per year. These labels will be sewn onto the products. You don’t get a discount for samples like many companies. Instead, you pay a markup to ensure quality. An in-house production artist will review your product, and make minor adjustments to your design. This way, customers can receive the best product possible, whether you dropship or purchase in bulk.


  • Pocket tees with designs on the chest pocket
  • Premium joggers
  • Hoodies with printed interior lining
  • Kangaroo hoodies
  • Premium snapback hat
  • Denim jackets
  • Wear eco-friendly clothing
  • More

5. Teelaunch


  • Shipping Usually, production takes between three and six business days. Orders are then ready for shipment from the US, Canada or the UK. Shipping costs vary depending on product and destination. Teelaunch’s complete breakdown of product prices provides more information.
  • Printing options Direct to garment and cut-and-sew all-over print for apparel and laser engraving for products such as tumblers or cooking boards
  • Unique features: Teelaunch provides a personalization tool that allows customers to add their name and upload their photo to a product. Teelaunch also generates professional-quality product mockups that include lifestyle photos.
  • Recommended for Anyone looking for a complete solution to creating high-quality products. Teelaunch makes it simple to find high-quality products at affordable prices.

Teelaunch rounds out the top five print on demand partners. The best thing about Teelaunch is its mockups. It provides professional-looking product images that you can use in marketing materials or lifestyle photos.

Teelaunch offers a wide range of quality products at a reasonable price (including some unique items such as Bluetooth speakers), quick fulfillment times and responsive customer support. Teelaunch is the perfect partner to help you start a print-on demand business.


  • T-shirts (Next Level Bella + Canvas, and many more)
  • 3-piece canvas sets
  • Color-changing mugs
  • Handbags by Monogram
  • Balloons
  • Penryn backpacks
  • Running shoes
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Dog bowls
  • Jewellery
  • iPhone cases
  • Phone chargers
  • Journals
  • Plus, over 120 others

6. CustomCat


  • Shipping: Orders made in the USA are usually ready for shipping within 2 to 3 business days. It takes approximately one to seven business day for domestic shipping, and four to fifteen days for international shipping. Domestic shipping to the US is $4.99 per item. Each additional item costs $1.50. International shipping costs $7.50 per item and $5.95 each. See CustomCat’s FAQ page for details.
  • Printing options Direct-to-garment printing, sublimation, dye diffusion and embroidery printing
  • Exclusive features: An optional $30 per month paid plan gives you access at some of the lowest prices ($7 tees, $3.50 cups).
  • Recommended for: Sourcing difficult-to-find items as they have one of the largest product catalogs.

CustomCat, a large-scale printing on demand company, has the largest product catalog on this list – more than 550 and counting. CustomCat is an excellent partner for anyone looking for a top-ranked print on demand company with a wide range of products and a simple design tool.

You can choose from a variety of brands and products, as well as a $30 per month paid plan to receive a discount on the entire catalog.


  • T-shirts (Bella + Canvas and Dickies, Gildan, Gildan, etc.
  • Sweatpants
  • Sleeves for laptops
  • Accessories for pets
  • Jewellery
  • Get Drinkware
  • Pants and jackets for windbreakers
  • Jerseys
  • Plus, over 550 additional items

7. Lulu xPress


  • Shipping – Ships in 3 to 5 business days to more than 150 countries from fulfillment centers located in the US, Canada and Europe. Ships to the USA at $3.99 See Lulu’s pricing calculator for details.
  • Digital printing options:Digital printing allows you to choose your paper type, trim size (from pocketbook up to A4 landscape), color, print quality, and binding type (perfect bound or hardcover, etc. You can choose from matte or glossy finishes.
  • Unique features: Lulu allows you to sell your books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as Lulu’s marketplace.
  • Recommended for: Authors, teachers and comedians.

Lulu xPress, the print-on demand arm of Lulu is an online platform for self publishing. It allows you to easily create and sell your own printed products. You can customize them in many ways.

Find out more about Amazon Dropshipping. This is a no-nonsense guide

Lulu xPress, a print on demand company for writers, photographers, educators and creatives is a great choice, especially for those who have a established audience they wish to monetize. Lulu allows you to convert digital content into physical items, such as a book of webcomics.

Lulu isn’t a barrier to other distribution channels that have greater reach and scale like Amazon and retail book stores. Lulu xPress, instead, is a great way to test your ideas and retain more profits. You can sell directly to consumers, without the need to go through traditional publishing.


  • Novels
  • Photobooks
  • Cookbooks
  • Journals
  • Artbooks
  • Workbooks
  • Coffee-table books that are unique
  • Textbooks
  • Poetry books
  • Calendars
  • Comic books
  • Magazines
  • Other print products

To ensure that your products look and feel exactly how you want, you need to find a trusted partner.

8. TPop


  • Shipping: Orders printed in France take between two and four days to be ready for shipping. Orders within France will arrive in 2 to 3 working days, while orders from the rest of Europe will take between 3 and 7 days. International orders can be shipped in 5 to 10 days. T-Pop’s shipping page will show you how to find out more about the weight-based shipping rates.
  • Printing options Direct-to-garment cotton apparel, and sublimation for polyester and accessories
  • Exclusive features:White Label customer experience with fully customizable packaging slips and eco-friendly products printing and packaging
  • Recommended for: Anyone looking to sell in Europe or for a print-on demand company that has an ethical and sustainable supply chain.

T-Pop, a European print-on-demand company that specializes in apparel and accessories, is called T-Pop. Your brand will be displayed on everything, from packaging to packing slips, when customers receive their order. For EUR2.50, add your brand to your products’ inside labels if you have 100 monthly sales.

What makes T-Pop’s argument for the best print on demand service is its commitment to the environment, from “zero plastic” packaging–advertised on it for customers to see–to 100% recycled paper packing slips.

It does everything possible to ensure that its supply chain is ethical. The Stanley/Stella is its main supplier. This organization focuses on ensuring compliance to labor laws when making apparel products.


  • T-shirts
  • Hoodie dress
  • Aluminum bottle
  • Tank tops
  • Tote bags
  • Sweatshirts
  • Mugs in metal and ceramic
  • Cushion and cushion covers
  • Baby bibs and oneies
  • More
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