Ten Benefits of a Marketing platform

Ten Benefits of a Marketing platform

How can you create better customer experiences? A connected marketing platform.

Brands can accelerate their success by leveraging an integrated Marketing Platform, which allows them to scale quickly and maximize their revenue.

Your brand could be dependent on multiple platforms without a single platform. This can lead to silos, poor time management and missed opportunities for engagement. A dispersed platform can lead to disconnected customer experiences, which makes it difficult to increase lifetime value.

An integrated marketing platform allows your brand to simplify operations and concentrate on what is most important: creating customer experiences that are cohesive and high-converting.

A platform can have many benefits that positively impact marketing and operations. We’ve listed the top ten.

1. Cross-channel data allows you to better understand your customers’ preferences

It’s possible to miss opportunities to engage customers at key touchpoints in their buyer journey if you don’t have a clear understanding of how they interact with your brand across product line.

A marketing platform integrated ensures that your brand has a trove unified customer data which you can use to create a customized purchase funnel for each shopper based upon their unique purchase preferences and purchasing habits. To help customers make the right purchase, and increase conversion, your brand can display relevant, AI powered reviews as well as user-generated photos that are filtered by product.

2. More powerful, data-driven segmentation

For eCommerce brands, more information means better segment. Use a platform approach for building the most-converting audiences for your loyalty program and marketing campaigns.

A program that uses AI to segment customers and maximizes revenue should be able to use predictive segments which are fueled by solid platform data. You can segment customers based on high sentiment scores from their reviews, and invite them to join your referral program. You can also create a segment of customers who are more likely to buy higher-margin products and offer them 10% off.

3. Marketing efforts have a higher ROI

Your brand will maximize return on every touchpoint with platform data that fuels all your marketing campaigns and communications.

Yotpo’s eCommerce platform has a lot more products than brands that use them. This results in a significantly higher rate of growth. The fact is that 3 or more products increase eCommerce store growth by 37% annually compared to brands with only one Yotpo product.

4. Simple management with one admin

An integrated platform allows you to understand one administrator instead of spending time learning the intricacies of multiple software admins. This single source of truth for all marketing efforts allows your team to work more efficiently and move quickly from one solution or another without having to learn additional, tedious steps.

5. Performance optimization across all marketing channels

Leveraging a marketing platform is a huge benefit. The sum of all its parts is more than the whole! All of your marketing strategies can be connected to a single source of truth so that every effort is more data-driven.

Platform-powered strategies result in better customer experiences. You can, for example, send messages at the right time to drive conversion and request reviews and visual user generated content via SMS. Shoppers can also be rewarded with loyalty points for submitting content. Then you can drive brand advocacy through referrals after the purchase.

6. More engaging marketing campaigns

Are your customers more likely to prefer user-generated content over other content? Do they respond better to your email or SMS communications? What point in drip campaigns do you see the highest click-through rate? Are loyalty members consistently seeing a higher AOV?

You can use an integrated platform to create marketing campaigns based on your customers’ engagement with all of your past campaigns so that you can gain deeper insights into what worked well, what could have been improved and what to try next.

7. Accelerated onboarding

A platform integrated should not be seen as a provider but rather as a technology partner.

An integrated marketing platform allows you to manage everything from one admin and also offers faster onboarding. An integrated platform should have customer success managers and dedicated onboarding specialists to help your brand. It also provides global, world-class support that is available 24/7 to ease the process of customizing and installing your products.

8. Simplified cost efficiencies

Finance teams of brands don’t need to find multiple contacts to clarify invoices. A platform integrated provides consolidated bill so that you can focus on your growth.

9. Higher-converting content

Your brand can create collateral and content that will drive conversion with a well-informed campaign.

You can concentrate your efforts on collecting visual customer-generated content if your customers spend more time on pages with photos and videos of customers. You can also save time by automatically sorting reviews by product and then displaying the content on product pages. This will help build customer confidence.

10. Operation with rapid scaling

Yotpo is an integrated eCommerce platform that allows you to be sure you are getting the best technical infrastructure and customer support. This will allow you to scale your business smoothly with business efficiency.

Using a platform saves you time and allows you to scale your business to meet the needs of customers of all sizes.

source https://www.yotpo.com/blog/10-benefits-of-a-marketing-platform/

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