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What should you pack for Binance Blockchain Week Paris These are some travel tips!

What should you pack for Binance Blockchain Week Paris These are some travel tips! Main Takeaways Binance Blockchain Week Paris 2020 will take place from Wednesday September 14 through Friday September 16. When you pay with crypto on Travala.com, you get a discount for flights and accommodations from Paris. You can convert local currency using a […]

What is POS Preauthorization?

What is POS Preauthorization? This post will discuss preauth and how it relates with your POS system. We’ll also talk about its benefits for bars and nightclubs. You understand the importance of a successful business if you own a restaurant or bar. Preauthorization is a technology advancement that has become increasingly important for bar businesses. They […]

What does a POS system run you? Here’s a breakdown for SMBs

What does a POS system run you? Here’s a breakdown for SMBs Any business that operates offline needs a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system. It allows brick-and-mortar business owners to manage inventory, employees, and checkout. POS is essential for multichannel businesses. It allows users to provide a seamless omnichannel experience, unify cross-channel operations, and gives them a single view of sales […]

The New EU Tax Regulations: What OSS & IOSS Means For Your Store

New EU tax regulations will be in effect on July 1, 2021 when the European Union’s Value-Added Tax eCommerce Package goes into effect. These changes will simplify and streamline the administration of merchants’ tax processes. These changes will affect virtually all business-to-consumer businesses involved in cross-border eCommerce trades (often called “distance sellers”). EU merchants who exceed a new EU-wide […]

What is an LLC? How do you register it?

An LLC is a limited liability company. An LLC protects the personal assets of the business owner in the event of legal action being taken against it. LLCs combine the tax benefits of partnerships with the limited protection afforded by C-corporations. The state fees required to register an LLC in Kentucky vary from $40 to $520 in Massachusetts. […]

What is a Business Partnership?

A partnership is an agreement between two or three individuals who enter into a business together. There are many types of partnerships business owners can form, including a limited partnership, general partnership, limited partnership with multiple members and limited liability partnership (LLP). No matter what type of partnership you choose, it is important to create a written […]

Register Agent: What is it and how to get one

A registered agent (RA), is the official contact for a business to receive important documents such as a summons, subpoena or renewal of registration. Although every state requires businesses to have a registered agent in order to receive important documents, regulations can differ. Several states allow a business to have its own registered agent, while others do […]

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