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Multichannel Selling: Increase sales and protect your brand

Multichannel Selling: Increase sales and protect your brand There are many avenues available to reach new customers today. The number of avenues available to reach new customers is growing at an alarming rate. Many people start by creating a user-friendly, branded website that is focused on customer experience. While this is a good way to legitimize and promote your […]

Three Ways Retailers Should Use AI to Increase Sales

The retail sector has enormous potential thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. These technologies are widely used in finance and healthcare. Total articles previously mentioned the potential of AI to revolutionize online shopping. But instead of dreaming about the future, let’s look at three practical uses of AI currently available for ecommerce sites. Review To help them find […]

Macy’s Restores Associates’ Commission for In-Store Sales of Mobile Apps

Macy’s can’t offer its Scan and Pay app to purchase from departments where employees earn commissions. Instead, Macy’s must reimburse such commissions. According to the ruling, this determination applies to three collective bargaining arrangements between Macy’s employees and Macy’s at stores in Boston and other New England areas. Macy’s was found guilty of violating the rights and […]

Use the Art of Psychology to Create Product Descriptions That Increase Sales

Once a visitor discovers your product, it’s the most important hurdle eCommerce store owners face. They’ve found your product out of millions! They are now at a crucial decision-making stage and it is your responsibility to guide them from being interested to purchasing. You want them to click the checkout button and add the product to their […]

How to increase sales with site search

It is important to treat your customers well and increase your profits. Repeat business can account up to half an online shop’s order, and brand loyalty helps a store survive in slower times. There are many ways to build trust and rapport with your clients. Giving your clients a great website search experience is one way to build trust. Shoppers […]

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