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Learn to explain the difference between upselling and cross-selling

Upselling and cross-selling are two popular sales techniques that are often confused. While both involve offering additional products or services to customers, there is a big difference between the two. Upselling is about convincing customers to buy a more expensive version of an item they are already interested in, while cross-selling involves recommending related items […]

Social Entrepreneurship: How to Make a Difference Through Your Business

To improve their quality of life, people set up businesses . Some people want to be independent. Some see a market opportunity they cannot resist. Sometimes, however, the entrepreneurial spirit is ignited by the desire to use business to create positive change. This is known as “social entrepreneurship” and it’s becoming more popular as globalization brings international discussions about […]

What is the difference between Additional Insured and Loss Payee?

Additional insured coverage and loss payee coverage can extend insurance coverage beyond the insured. Contractual agreements often allow for third-party coverage. A loss payee is different from an additional insured in that they can collect payments from the insurer. The general liability policy does not cover , but neither the loss payee nor the additional insured can change […]

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