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Cybersecurity Predictions 2018, How did we do?

Cybersecurity Predictions 2018, How did we do? Our 2018 Cybersecurity Predictions Report was published one year ago. We can now look back on our statements and assess the accuracy of our predictions as the year draws to a close. Eight predictions were made for 2018, where we discussed regulations like GDPR, the consequences of ubiquitous encryption and the […]

7 Best Ice Cream Franchises 2018

Ice cream is a seasonal industry that is losing market share to healthier treats and snacks. There are still many successful ice cream chains that offer franchise opportunities. FranchiseGrade.com provided data about the top 7 ice cream franchises. The franchise advisor can help you find the right ice cream franchise to meet your investment requirements. The Franchise Advisor has […]

8 Best Coffee Franchise Opportunities 2018

Coffee franchises are very popular today as people use them as places to study, hang out, and make friends. It’s one of the most lucrative franchise options. We spoke to FranchiseGrade.com, and were provided data about the top 8 coffee franchises that have minimum investments of $10,000 to $250,000. A website is essential to promote your business, regardless […]

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