Six of the Best Websites to Find Freelancers

It’s easy to find freelancers who are available to complete any task, from designing a logo to building a mobile application. Six of the most popular freelance websites were reviewed. They offer great features and affordable pricing to help you hire, manage, and find freelancers.


Top 6 Freelance Websites 2019

Freelance website Best for
Upwork (Best Overall) Companies that are looking for top-rated freelancers on a top-rated site.
Fiverr Small jobs can be done by companies for as little as $5 per gig
Freelancer Companies that want to have access to many freelancers around the world.
Guru Firms who want to partner with a reputable freelance platform that rewards freelancer loyalty.
Giggrabbers Employers who want a website where gig workers pay the freelance fee.
Toptal Tech companies are willing to pay more for freelance talent.

How we rated the best websites to hire freelancers

You can post job openings for freelancers to bid on on many of the top websites. We wanted to only present those websites that allow you to hire and vet freelancers, as well as offer a way to make sure you aren’t wasting money like an escrow account or a dispute resolution procedure. We avoided websites that are known for attracting scammers and instead focused on sites with solid reputations for hiring quality talent.

To find the best websites for small businesses, we used these criteria:

  • Cost: Our sites are reasonably priced with standard transaction fees for freelancers ranging from 1-5% to the gig worker’s job.
  • We selected the best-rated websites that make it simple to create an account, find freelancer workers, and pay online.
  • Wide Range of Skills: In exchange for sites offering a wide range of freelance talent, we omitted sites that targeted specific industries like web development.
  • Freelancer Rating Systems Capabilities: We chose freelance sites that let clients rate gig workers, so you can get a glimpse of the quality of each contractor’s work.
  • Escrow payment processing: We made sure that the websites we chose had a way for investors to protect their investment. This included an escrow system based upon deliverables.
  • Project Tracking and Communication Tools: The best websites provide document sharing, communication and project tracking tools that will keep you and your gig workers in sync.
  • Dispute Resolution Many of these sites offer a way to resolve disputes such as incomplete projects or missing deliverables.

We rated Upwork, out of all the freelancing websites that we looked at, as our number one pick. The Upwork Plus plan costs only $49 per month and allows employers to see only highly qualified freelancers. Upwork allows you to post a project.

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Upwork – The Best Website to Hire Freelancers For Small Businesses

Upwork is great for any small business. It’s an easy to use website that provides freelancers of all types. It currently has 10 million registered freelancers and allows employers to rate the quality of each freelancer’s work, which helps you determine which independent contract worker might be best for your next project. In addition, Upwork has more consistently positive online reviews than Freelancer or Guru.

Upwork Pricing

Upwork allows you to become an employer for free. You pay freelancers according to the rates you negotiate when you post jobs. After a job has been completed, Upwork charges business clients an invoice fee of 2.75%. This is lower than other freelance websites.

Upwork offers additional pricing tiers, ranging from $49.99 to $499 per monthly, and includes dedicated account management, reports, and reporting. Upwork also offers an Enterprise option, which allows you to contract and onboard features. However, this requires a custom quote.

Upwork Pricing

Plus Business
Price $49/month $499/month
Premium customer support and verified freelancers
Tracking and reporting Reporting by teams Reporting by companies
Invoicing and billing

Upwork Features

Upwork is the result of a merger of oDesk & eLance. You may be familiar with its services even though the name is not new. We love Upwork’s upgrade options for the Plus and Business accounts. These are great if you hire freelancers often, as they eliminate the No. The number one problem with freelance websites is the inability to filter out less-qualified freelancers.

Screenshot of showing freelancer details.

You can either post a job as an hourly project or a fixed price project with Upwork

  • Hourly: Offer to hire a freelancer for an hourly rate. Based on the freelancer’s work log, hourly jobs will be billed to you weekly. You might hire a freelancer to do 10 hours of bookkeeping.
  • Fixed-Price Project: A project that is fixed in price is similar to a contract. You pay your freelancer according to the completion of the project or milestones. You might offer $500 to a freelancer to add an ecommerce section on your website.

Hire a freelancer through Upwork

By using the Upwork “Find Freelancers option, you can browse the Upwork website to find freelancers. It is a good idea to choose a freelancer based upon their job success rating.

Upwork Plus and Business Tiers function like a talent agency. They carefully select vetted professionals to fill your position — people with a minimum of 10 years’ work experience and excellent reviews. To ensure that they are a good match for your project, Upwork interviews them via Skype. This saves time and prevents you from dealing with unqualified or misleading freelancers that might be interested in your project.

Project tracking

After you click “Post a job” on Upwork, you’ll receive a list with freelancers who match your job description. You can choose a freelancer to start a project. Upwork offers a time tracker tool that allows you to track the hours worked by your freelancer if you pay per hour. If you do not have an escrow account, you can set up your project by depositing a small amount.

Escrow Account

Your funds in your escrow account are kept until you reach each milestone. Funds are released to freelancers once a milestone has been reached and approved. If you hire a freelancer for $2000 to build your website, you might pay 25% or $500 once they have set up the domain name and server. After the logo and theme have been uploaded to your website, you might release 25% more.

Mobile App

Upwork offers a mobile app for free that allows you to stay in touch with your freelancer via text chat or video. You can also send and receive documents in a secure environment. The mobile app allows freelance contractors to keep track of their time using Upwork’s Work Diary. Freelancers can also use it to record milestone completions for approval.

Customer Support

Out of all the top freelance sites, Upwork offers the best customer service. They can be reached by email, phone, and live chat 24 hours a day. They are the only freelance website that has their customer service number published online. Upwork also has an active online community that offers advice and tips from users.

Dispute Resolution

Upwork prefers that you contact us via email “ticket”. Upwork handles disputes in two ways depending on how you set up your work.

  • Hourly work: You can dispute the hours worked, but not the quality. However, you can terminate a freelancer if they don’t deliver satisfactory work.
  • Fixed-price projects: You can only dispute money in the Escrow Account for milestones not approved yet.

What is Upwork Missing?

Scammers can also use Upwork, just like other freelancer websites. Their accounts are promptly closed down by Upwork. However, it is important to do your research and check out reviews of freelancers before you pay money for a project. You cannot request a refund after a milestone has been paid.

What Upwork users think about it

As a site to hire freelancers, Upwork gets top marks. Users love how easy it makes it to communicate with freelancers. Users also love the tools that allow them to track their time and keep track of project milestones. Upwork handles gig workers’ 1099 taxes so that you don’t have.

Fiverr – Best for businesses looking for low-cost freelancers

Fiverr is best for businesses that have short, quick, low-cost work that needs to be done quickly. It’s a great website to find millennial freelancers and gig workers to do things like proofread your employee handbook, create giveaway packages for a trade show, add music to your company video, run a package across town, build a PowerPoint presentation, or do a little market research. Best of all, freelancer pricing starts at $5 on Fiverr.

Fiverr Pricing

Fiverr’s entry point is the lowest among all freelance websites, with $5 projects (called “gigs”). Like Upwork, hourly rates for freelancers are listed and can often be negotiated. You also pay a 5% fee to the client, almost twice what Upwork charges. The flat fee for orders of $20 or less is $1

Fiverr Features

Fiverr offers almost any type of service, including software programming and pranks. You can also hire a freelancer who will give you hugs or order a singing Telegram from a gig worker, who may pretend to be Batman. This is a unique feature that no other website offers.

Fiverr Offers $5 Freelance Gigs

Hire a Fiverr Freelancer

The interface on Fiverr makes it simple to find the right person for the job at your budget. Fiverr’s rating system is similar to eBay. It includes a star and numeric rating for each freelancer, as well as the number of clients served. Search for the type of work that you are looking for and view the list of freelancers with expertise in the area.

Tracking Projects

Fiverr provides business tools that allow you to track freelancers, manage active orders and view completed projects. You can also manage your billing preferences.

Escrow Account

Fiverr offers an escrow account option, just like other freelance websites. After a buyer has made a payment, which can be done via PayPal, the money is transferred to an escrow account until the work is complete. Orders on Fiverr must be paid in advance.

Mobile App

The Fiverr app for Android and Apple can be downloaded to keep in touch with your freelancers using messaging tools.

Customer Support & Dispute Resolution

Fiverr provides support via their user forum or by submitting a request through their website.
Available 24/7

Dispute Resolution

You can directly submit a dispute request via the Fiverr website.

What Fiverr Is Missing

Fiverr’s client fees are low. If you are looking for larger projects, there are better freelancer websites that only charge 0-3.5% per client fee.

Fiverr’s Users Say

Fiverr has solid reviews on third-party websites, including ours. Users love how simple it is to use the site and find freelancers. It can be frustrating for some to contact freelancers that are not qualified or too busy to help.

Freelancer – Best Website to Hire Non US Based Freelancers

Freelancer is best for businesses that want access to the broadest number of global freelancers. It attracts gig workers from all over the world — representing over 247 countries. So you may be able to find one outside the U.S. who can do the work you need to be done. You may also be able to negotiate lower hourly rates with workers in less robust economic environments where your dollar goes farther.

Screenshot of home page

Freelancer Pricing

Posting a job on Freelancer is free. Freelancer charges a flat fee for each project of 3%. In addition to the worker being paid at their negotiated rate, This is slightly more than Guru (2.5%) or Upwork (2.75%). You can also pay $19 for additional assistance in selecting freelancers. This service will save you time and help you match the best candidates to your job. This service is similar to Upwork Plus at $49/month and provides freelancer matching.

Freelancer offers advanced options that allow you to advertise your job for $9, or keep it confidential for $19 (which means it won’t appear on website search engines).

Freelancer Features

Freelancer has more than 21 million freelancers. This is the largest freelance job site we evaluated. Freelancer allows you to post jobs in any of three formats. This includes a contest format that is exclusive to Freelancer. You can create a contest such as “best website logo” and provide information. Multiple freelancers then submit their entries. Only the winner is paid.

Local jobs on Freelancer can be described as an “offer” by Upwork or Guru as “hourly.” These are “hourly” jobs.

Three types of freelancers are available on Freelancer:

  • Projects – Such as building a site or translating a document
  • Contests: Create a logo, or design graphics for a label
  • Local Jobs – For example, answering phones or entering data.

Hire a Freelancer

To let you see the capabilities of a freelancer before you sign a contract, Freelancer has contests. You can see how a freelancer does a small task before you hire them for a bigger one.

Project tracking

Clients have the option to leave public reviews on freelancers’ profiles after they complete a project. This is a great feature, as freelancers who have received many positive reviews from others will likely do excellent work for you.

Escrow Account

Milestone Payments is an escrow service offered by Freelancer. Freelancer, like Fiverr and Upwork, holds client funds until a service/project has been completed or a dispute resolution is resolved.

Mobile App

Freelancer, like Upwork has a mobile app that works on Android and iOS. It can be used to create projects and communicate via text chat with contract workers.

Support for Customers

Freelancer provides 24/7 support via email and live chat. It also offers online support with step by step guides. These are grouped into easily-findable topics such as “payments” and “contests.”

Dispute Resolution

All of the sites we reviewed have the same dispute resolution process. Guru and Freelancer require that you use an escrow service to set up your payments before they can assist with disputes.

What is the missing piece for freelancers?

You can’t call customer service directly. Also, you cannot dispute a project unless you have an escrow account. This is in contrast to Upwork, which will assist you with any dispute regardless of whether you use their service. You can also not dispute the payment of a contest prize after you have selected a winner.

What Freelancers Think

User reviews for Freelancer range from 2-5 stars to 5 stars. Some are concerned that you can’t report poor freelancers until they have completed a project.

Guru: Most Established Website for Hiring Freelancers

Guru is best for businesses that want to deal with a proven vendor that’s been around a while. Due to it being the first freelancer website, many freelancers and businesses are fiercely loyal to Guru. Guru also has the lowest transaction fees of all the websites we reviewed, with the exception of Giggrabbers that doesn’t have a client fee.

Guru Pricing

Guru allows you to post jobs and sign up for free. Freelancers are willing to negotiate with you until you agree on the price. Advertise your job as low as $29.95 There is a 2.5% transaction charge added to the invoice, on top of the rate that you negotiate with your freelancer.

Guru offers a 3.5% rebate if you pay by wire transfer, check, or e-check. If you don’t pay by credit card, you might earn a small (1%) premium for each Guru transaction.

Guru Features

Guru is used by 3 million people and manages more than 1 million projects. You can also search for freelance contractors for any type of work, hourly or project-based. Guru will send you a list with freelancers after you have posted a job. Guru recommends that you prepare and upload a contract detailing the terms.

Guru lets you find a freelancer (a guru) or post a job for free

Hire a Guru Freelancer

Guru, like other sites, provides ratings for their freelancers to help you find those with great reviews and proven track records. After you submit a project, you will receive quotes from freelancers who are willing to do your job. This allows you to hire freelancers that are willing and capable of completing the task.

Project tracking

After you sign up, you will need to provide details about your job, such as a location, rate and a description of the work required. You can set your own rates and decide what you want to pay. Freelancers are willing to negotiate with you until you agree on a price. You can either pay by the task or milestone. You can also pay per hour or set up recurring payment, such as a weekly.

Escrow Account

Guru offers an escrow account along with SafePay and encourages you upload a contract clarifying terms ahead of time.

Mobile App

Guru does not yet have a mobile app. You can still access your account via any internet-connected device.

Support for Customers

Guru offers adequate service to its users. Email and telephone support are available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Live chat is not available.

Dispute Resolution

Guru can help with dispute resolution if both the parties agree in advance to use SafePay. This escrows client funds while the freelancer completes agreed-upon milestones.

What is the Guru missing?

Guru’s interface may not be as up-to-date as other websites. They don’t offer weekend support and don’t have a mobile application. You can also request that freelancer ratings be removed (if they are Guru subscribers), so you don’t have to believe that a highly-rated freelancer is truly that great. Do your research, set up an escrow account and never pay upfront for any project work.

The invoice auto pay feature also pays invoices at a set date. If clients don’t wish to have payment for work that has not been completed, they should pay close attention to these dates.

What Guru users think

Guru, according to some users, is not very helpful in resolving disputes. Some users complain about scammers manipulating the system by sending invoices and knowing that auto-payments are sent from the escrow to freelancers within a set amount of time (7/14/28 Days), regardless of whether the work was completed to employer’s satisfaction.

Giggrabbers Best Site Where Freelancers Pay the Charges

Giggrabbers is best for businesses that want to ensure their freelancers are invested in their work. The freelancers themselves pay fees of up to 10% to be on the site. It’s a newer freelance platform and, in addition to not charging any client fees, it has an option that lets business owners use crowdfunding for their projects. That’s something none of the other freelance websites offer.

Giggrabbers Pricing

Since the freelancer pays to use Giggrabbers, Giggrabbers is your free service. Giggrabbers has a 9.5 % service charge for freelancers, but it is completely free for job posters.

You can also pay $49.95 per job if you need help setting up and managing your project. This is comparable to Upwork Plus’ monthly rate, but more expensive than similar services on Freelancer.

Giggrabbers Features

Giggrabbers is similar to other freelance websites. You can search for skilled workers by keyword, location, job type or location, or you can post a project so that freelancers can locate you.

Giggrabbers showcases freelancers on its website

Hire a freelancer on Giggrabbers

Giggrabbers is similar to other sites. You post a job, and then you sort through qualified freelancers. Giggrabers offers a contest option but it is limited to web design contests, while Freelancer contests are open for any type of work product or delivery. Giggrabbers offers a crowdsourcing option that can help you finance your project.

This is the three-step process that will help you find a freelancer through Giggrabbers.

  1. Create a job – Follow the prompts online to submit your job to the site.
  2. Hire a freelancer to communicate, complete work and make payments online.
  3. Raise funds (optional). – Create a campaign for crowdfunding to promote on social media.

Project tracking

Giggrabbers offers a project tracking feature that allows you to see individual project stages and key dates. However, Giggrabbers also provides a project management tool that lets you view all of your projects in one place.

Escrow Account

Giggrabbers has an escrow option, just like other websites. This allows you to make sure that payments are safe until the work is complete.

Mobile App

Giggrabbers does not yet have a mobile app. Guru however, offers many app-building freelancers through their website.

Customer Support

Giggrabbers provides support only via email. Giggrabbers does not offer live chat or phone support. Their team promises that they will respond within 24 hours to 48 hours.

Dispute Resolution

Giggrabbers offers a dispute center where you can submit a claim with details right from the website.

What are Giggrabbers Missing?

Giggrabbers is a relatively new website. There aren’t many reviews of freelancers there, so you should proceed at your own risk. Their contests are restricted to website development. Freelancer, on the other hand, allows for contests of any type, including design and coding.

What Giggrabbers Users Think

Giggrabbers has earned 4 and 5 stars out of five star ratings. This is more than other larger, more established freelance websites.

Toptal – The Best Website to Hire Technical Freelancers Pre-Screened

Toptal is best for those businesses preferring to work with pre-screened talent in fields like IT, engineering and finance. Toptal vets their freelancers and then charges you by the hour for work they provide your company. In that way, they’re more like a freelancer temp agency that bills you for work its freelancers provide.

Toptal Pricing

Freelancers can earn between $60 and $200 an hour depending on their skills and whether they are part-time or full-time. Toptal requires that you deposit at least $500. This is a down payment that you will receive back when you hire your freelancer.

Toptal Pricing Table

Hourly Pricing Pricing for Part-time Pricing for full-time
Developers $60-$95+/hour $800-$1,600+/week $1,800-$3,200+/week
Designers $60-$95+/hour $600-$1,000+/week $1,200-$1,800+/week
Finance $125-$200+/hour $2,000-$3,200+/week Weekly: $4,000-$6,400

Toptal Features

Toptal is a freelancing matching service. Toptal prescreens freelancers working in engineering and tech, and selects the top 3%. It works by providing details about the work you require and matching you with talent. This allows you to interview and hire the best. It is very similar to how you would hire an employee.

Toptal works with pre-screened engineering and tech freelancers from across the globe

Toptal: Hiring a freelancer

After you submit your requirements, Toptal will send you a list with freelancers for you to interview. You can even get a trial period to make sure the worker is right for the job. You won’t be charged if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the freelancer after two weeks.

Project tracking

For work done on an hourly rate, you will be invoiced. The freelancer will be invoiced for work completed on an hourly basis.


There is no escrow account. Toptal invoices you for work done on an hourly basis, as well as part-time and full-time.

Mobile App

Toptal is more of a web-based freelance recruitment company that provides your business with the best talent. You may add freelancers to your business software and systems. Toptal does not have a mobile app.

Customer Support

Toptal offers customer support via email or through their website.

Dispute Resolution

Toptal offers a two-week grace period for you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your freelancer. You don’t have pay if you aren’t satisfied with the work of your freelancer.

What Toptal is missing

Toptal is a service that caters to a small group of engineers who are freelancers in the IT, finance and design fields. To get started, you will need to make a $500 upfront financial commitment. This is not the best option for short-term projects such as those offered by Fiverr.

What Toptal users think about it

Toptal, as many premium services, has high ratings. Toptal users like the fact that their talent has been prescreened. This is similar to working with an agency. Some users complain about minor system issues and poor customer service.

Alternatives to the Best Site to Hire Freelancers

Alternate Best for
Indeed The best job board for companies looking to post a job.
Time etc Virtual assistants can be used by businesses to outsource their work. Companies seeking to hire sales staff members for commission-based jobs.
Hubstaff Employers who want to hire contractors through job postings that are free
FlexJobs People who are open to working remotely, part-time or temporarily as employees may be able to replace freelancers.
99designs Companies looking to hire designers who have been vetted to work as freelancers.
Kolabtree Companies looking for scientists and academics who are freelancing
LinkedIn LinkedIn users who are willing to pay to post a job for a freelancer.

Bottom line

These are the best sites to find freelance workers. They can help you find qualified workers who can do tasks and complete projects for you when you don’t have the budget to hire full-time employees. Many websites charge a transaction fee and offer an escrow service to protect you against scams. You get what you pay when you work with a freelancer. It is best to hire highly-rated freelancers through a reputable website.

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