Six HR documents that every small business must have in order to comply

Six HR documents that every small business must have in order to comply

You want to be able to focus on your employees and grow your business and not worry about compliance and penalties. You can keep your employees updated and audit-ready by making it a habit to record and track important HR paperwork.

Here are six HR documents that every small business should keep track of if you’re unsure where to begin.

  1. Onboarding and recruitment: It is important to ensure that your recruitment strategy is compliant with labor laws. This will help you create a positive candidate experience.

  2. Employee handbook This document assists employees in working in accordance with your organization’s policies. This document often clarifies the mission, values, codes of conduct, compensation, and benefits of your workplace.

  3. Payroll paperwork. Payroll laws vary from one region to the next. Be sure to document offer letters and employee leave and attendance data as well as personal information, employment status and payment details, in accordance to local regulations.

  4. Training documents: Compliance documents must be kept safe for audit purposes. Training programs can be made more efficient by keeping other documents, such as budgets and training handbooks.

  5. Performance documents The proper recording of appraisal forms, self review forms, and appraisal letters makes it easy for managers and employees to conduct performance reviews.

  6. Exit documents It is important to keep track and maintain a record of all signed resignation letters, termination letters, references letters, exit interview questions, and exit interview answers.


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