Optimize Azure App Service with IBM Turbonomic

Announcing support for Azure App Service plans.

As public cloud expenditure continues to rise to a forecasted total of USD 591.8 billion in 2023, FinOps initiatives have gained momentum for organizations across industries. In fact, expenditure has been scrutinized to the extent that 81% of IT leaders have been directed to reduce cloud spending by the C-suite. In an effort to support our customersIBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management has continued to build on its cloud and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) optimization capabilities.

IBM Turbonomic now supports Azure App Service

For cloud engineers and administrators running applications hosted on Azure App Service and struggling to control costs, IBM Turbonomic provides continuous optimization you can safely automate to get the most out of your PaaS investments. IBM Turbonomic provides dynamic vertical scaling—so App Service plans (ASPs) are never overprovisioned—while also automatically eliminating unused ASPs.

Upon implementing these new capabilities for our customers, IBM Turbonomic has delivered immediate and tangible outcomes, including one customer in the healthcare industry that was able to reduce their annual Azure App Service costs by 27% without compromising application performance.

What is Azure App Service?

Azure App Service is a fully managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that allows users to quickly deploy and run enterprise-ready web and mobile applications for any platform or device on scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure. This service comes with built-in infrastructure maintenance and security patching. App Service users pay for the compute resources they provision based on the App Service Plan pricing tier they select.

How can IBM Turbonomic optimize Azure App Service?

Let’s see how IBM Turbonomic provides continuous optimization so applications hosted on Azure App Service always perform at the lowest cost.

Dynamic vertical scaling

IBM Turbonomic automatically generates vertical scaling actions for Azure App Service plans. Vertically scaling an Azure App Service plan is accomplished by changing the instance type to increase or decrease the resources allocated to each virtual machine underlying the plan. Through dynamic vertical scaling, IBM Turbonomic can now ensure Azure App Service plans are always appropriately sized to optimize performance at the lowest cost. The screenshots below show the Action Center where Turbonomic customers can execute scaling actions. The Action Details of an App Service plan scaling actions are also illustrated:

Action Center

Action Center

Action Details

Action Details
Action details

Deleting an unused plan

IBM Turbonomic can continuously identify and delete “wasted” Azure App Service plans. A “wasted” App Service plan is a plan that was created, but has no applications actively drawing resources from it. By reducing their Azure App Service plan count through automated wasted plan remediation, customers can achieve significant savings and eliminate unused resources.

Below, you can find the Action Center where these actions are executed and the Action Details for this action type:

Action Center

Action Center

Action Details

Action Center

Achieve FinOps goals through trustworthy automation

As the discipline of FinOps continues to build momentum, organizations will turn to a variety of solutions to close the gap between their forecasted and actual cloud spend. While popular cloud cost-management strategies like budgeting, forecasting and cost allocation provide valuable insight, they often leave engineers and administrators guessing when and where to take action to reduce cost. For organizations looking to maximize their return on PaaS investments, IBM Turbonomic provides a proven path that will enable engineers to execute and automate cost optimization actions, delivering tangible outcomes both immediately and continuously.

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