Magento POS integration - The missing piece to the Omnichannel Ecosystem

Magento POS Integration: The missing piece of the Omnichannel Ecosystem

Retailers are embracing omnichannel experiences as a trend. Magento POS integration is the ideal choice for those who use Magento.

Omnichannel Ecosystem

The modern retail model requires the integration of all sales channels back to ensure smooth shopping for customers at the front.

A simplified retail system today consists of at most one online sales channel (ecommerce site), one offline sales channel, brick-and-mortar stores or pop-up stores, and everything in-between (warehouse delivery services, report etc.). ).

Magento, one of the largest e-commerce platforms on the planet, has always been open to the concept of omnichannel. Magento is well-known because of its flexibility and scalability. It can be customized to suit your business’s needs and scaled easily as your business expands.

The web store, however, is only part of an omnichannel shopping system, as we’ve said before. Magento Marketplace has all extensions necessary to provide a complete system.

But there’s a crucial piece missing: A Magento Point Of Sale with an omnichannel mindset that works for brick-and–mortar stores.

Omnichannel Magento POS integration

Traditional POS integration

Multi-channel was the norm, so it was okay to have a stand-alone POS. Brick-and-mortar stores didn’t need to connect with the web store. A unified commerce platform is now a major advantage. We have many retailers coming to us asking for a new POS system that can fully synchronize data with Magento, particularly inventory.

They are able to save considerable time and effort on management. It also ensures consistency of information across all channels. This makes it easier for customers and shop operators to have a better experience.

A lot of customer behavior has changed, so it is more important than ever that you have a solid understanding of your customers’ shopping journeys.

The traditional POS used be the point at which the flow was disrupted. It could often miss customer information, or fail to identify them. Thus it couldn’t connect in-store preferences and behaviors to data from other stores. McKinsey’s research found that the “Inability to identify customers across shopping visits” is one of the four main reasons retailers have difficulty building an omnichannel platform.

The new era

A omnichannel POS system will change everything. It can instantly sync between Magento and POS, so it can identify customers. Any new customers that are added in POS will be immediately updated to Magento.

The new generation Magento POS integration includes more than just the ability to capture and sync customer information. It also comes with reports that will make it easier to analyze customer behaviors.

One of the biggest obstacles merchants encounter is that they mistakenly associate “omnichannel” with “complicated and expensive systems.” However, an Omnichannel system is not about how large it is, but how connected its components.

A few Magento POS integrations will help you realize your small, but true omnichannel system at an affordable price.

High speed Magento POS for Omnichannel

With over 8 years of experience in Magento, we have the ability to develop a Magento POS integration with high speed that will complete the Magento ecosystem. It will be 100% ready for omnichannel.

ConnectPOS is compatible to M1 or M2, both CE/EE. It connects to Magento through API (the connector) to synchronize data in real time between POS/Magento thanks to the most current technologies: AngularJS, NodeJS and WebSocket communication.

The synchronized data allows us to develop omnichannel capabilities, such as sending the shopping cart to an online wishlist or retrieving items from the wishlist back to the cart.

Additionally, traditional functions will be elevated to the next level by the addition of Rewards Points (or gift cards) and Gift Cards (or both). Traditional gift cards and points will only be available through the original channel that was used to purchase them.

You can now integrate these functions into your ConnectPOS store. Customers will only need to activate the integration options in their settings. They will be able redeem gift cards or earn points wherever they choose.

Merchants have a lot of problems managing multi-store inventory. Magento allows merchants only to manage stock at the global level (that is stock for all stores).

Magento allows you to have multiple warehouses and assign stock levels. ConnectPOS will pull this information from Magento, and create stock for each bricks-and-mortar location.

ConnectPOS has 20+ reports that can help you monitor multi-store performance. ConnectPOS makes it easier to identify the causes and make informed decisions about how to improve the situation.

ConnectPOS also offers cash-based reports. If you need to exchange or refund a customer, it can be done directly on the order selected without worrying about affecting the sales history or reports.

All you need to integrate Magento POS into your system

We have helped over 500 merchants, from SMEs to large corporations, to connect their brick and mortar stores to Magento online shopping stores. This helps them manage their business better and provides a smoother shopping experience for customers. We think we can help you, Contact us today to get a free consultation.

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