Lush Cosmetics Lowers Prices and Improves Service Through Store Communication Platform

Lush Cosmetics, a beauty retailer, recently launched a communication platform and workflow platform to help its managers and store associates. This app-based platform allows for regular communication between company executives and front-line employees in stores. Lush uses the platform for important messages such as product launches and merchandising displays. It also helps with in-store marketing campaigns. Lush previously used voicemails, emails and the intranet of the company to communicate with employees in stores, but it wasn’t getting the engagement it wanted.


Lush partnered last year with Retail Zipline to enable this new communication system. This app helps businesses simplify communications and task management. Lush’s employees in-store use their mobile devices to download the app and log into it at the beginning of each shift. They can access important messages related to their shift and the entire business from the app.


Retail Zipline CEO Melissa Wong says brands need to be able to interact with their employees in real-time. Lush believes that engaging with its employees is about more than the product they sell in their stores. Although that is an important part of it, it is also about how the associates interact with customers. It also involves the role of the store associate within the company and how they can make the brand’s experience better for customers.

Lindsay Nelson, Lush’s retail communications manager, said that Retail Zipline’s partnership has allowed the retailer to communicate more effectively with its staff. It also provides better insight into the performance of the store, which has resulted in time savings, improved operations, and improved efficiency, all leading to cost savings. Lush’s employees love using Retail Zipline. This has led to happier employees. Customers are more likely be able to return to Lush’s brand for more service. Two, happier employees tend to stay longer and reduce hiring costs.

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Lindsay Nelson, Retail Communications Manager at Lush Cosmetics

Lush’s store employees are used to using their phones and apps every day. This means that there was little to no training needed when the Retail Zipline platform went live to its nearly 250 North American brick and mortar locations. The Retail Zipline app must be fun and easy to use for them to access it daily. Nelson and her team emphasize storytelling in their communications with store employees, especially around Lush’s unique products.

Lush is proud to sell organic and fresh products and it has a mission to share that message with consumers. Retail Zipline allows Lush to take the first step towards that goal, at least offline. It provides a platform for real time communications between headquarters and the store teams. They then relay product stories to customers. Lush’s products are important to store associates. They also have a direct impact on customers’ purchasing decisions.


Barneys New York Launches a Cannabis Store in California

According to Forbes, Barneys New York will open a California cannabis shop called The High End. The new “cannabis lifestyle” shop will open March within an existing Barneys Beverly Hills store. Barneys stores across California will soon have more cannabis shops. The Beverly Hills location will be a partner of luxury cannabis brand Beboe and will carry the brand’s vaporizer pen, pastilles and CBD range. High End will also carry accessories from other high-end marijuana brands as well as cannabis-themed jewellery. will have a selection of products from the high-end cannabis shop.

Total Retail’s View: The cannabis market continues to grow and attract larger brands to the sector. Barneys New York has partnered with California’s recreational cannabis users in order to combine the rising culture trend and the brand’s high-end retail stores. This partnership between Beboe and the luxury brand demonstrates how mainstream cannabis is becoming. It also likely foreshadows other competitors looking to grab a piece of this market. There are also luxury cannabis experience brands like MedMen. Their chief marketing officer was interviewed recently on Total Retail Talks.

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