It is important to keep appointments and bookings on your site

Anybody who runs a business that depends on customers scheduling knows how difficult it can be to manage appointments over the telephone. Automated systems that allow clients to cancel or reschedule appointments online make it much simpler.

It may not be obvious to customers, but it is crucial for them to book appointments directly from your website and not via an external platform.

The Advantages of Online Booking

Automating the appointment scheduling process can eliminate almost all the frustrations associated with manually setting up appointments, rental classes, rentals, or other services.

Online scheduling is available 24 hours a day so customers can book when it suits them best. Customers don’t have the hassle of waiting on hold or leaving messages when calling your business. They can see availability of appointments in real-time and make an appointment.

Self-service online scheduling is a necessity. It can be difficult to choose the right online scheduling tool. There are two options: linking to external sites or integrating an online scheduling tool that plugs into your website.

It can appear that linking to external websites is an easy and inexpensive solution. These are not the only benefits – it can be fast and affordable. A new business might find it useful to use one of these tools, especially if they have little revenue. Many businesses eventually find new solutions due to the drawbacks they face, such as a leaky sales funnel and poor user experience.

Why You Should Keep Appointment Scheduling On Your Site

Consistent branding and user experience

It’s likely that you spent a lot of money and time creating a consistent brand image and user experience at all points in the customer journey. Clients will know where to find you and what they can expect when they visit your store or site.

It’s a slow halt when your clients are sent to a website of another company that doesn’t look or feel like your brand. This can be very frustrating for your customers and can cause damage to your brand’s integrity.

Using an integrated scheduling tool allows branding and user experience to remain consistent throughout the process. Customers only need to interact with you company and not another.

Visit Palestine offers a booking system for their sightseeing tours. All tour descriptions and calendar graphics feature their orange and green brand colors. The site uses the same fonts and photos across all pages. Customers know they are in the right place even when booking.

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Seamless Payment Solutions

An integrated booking system has another advantage: you can receive payments from the same page as your schedule. This eliminates another time-consuming problem: payment is collected immediately after the appointment has been booked, instead of when services are rendered.

Integrating scheduling and payment in one place will save you time and money. This will also make it easier for customers. The WooCommerce Bookings extension allows for safe and reliable online payments using almost any payment gateway available.

Google Calendar Integration

WooCommerce Bookings syncs automatically with your Google Calendar so that online bookings appear almost immediately. Instead of keeping multiple calendars and adding entries manually, you can schedule your work and personal activities in one place. You are less likely to make mistakes like double-booking or missing an appointment.

Maximum Flexibility

Integration with your website allows you and your customers more flexibility. WooCommerce Bookings allows you to give users dates and times, block time off for un-bookable and set up buffers between bookings. WooCommerce offers the ability to create multi-person events, depending on your business.

You can offer discounted pricing if there are days or times that are less popular with customers. WooCommerce Bookings will automatically display the hour in the customer’s time zone if you do business internationally.

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Icon Cookery School has a calendar that shows only the dates for their classes. Their customers can easily find out when classes are being offered by them and block out unavailable dates. They allow students to book multiple classes at once. This is great for couples looking to learn together.

Close the Deal

The biggest problem with linking to external sites is that it adds an extra step to your sales funnel, making it less likely that the customer will complete their booking. Some people will abandon the process when they have to click a link to wait for a new page. It can be difficult to lose potential customers after you have worked hard to get them to your store.

Integrating a booking engine on your website creates a seamless experience for clients, which reduces sales funnel leakage.

Keep Valuable Client Data

Even if the client decides to move to another platform, you have to be aware that linking to an external site can cause major problems. You lose the ability of collecting information about the customer during the final stages. You’ve also just given the customer’s information to a third party vendor.

A scheduling extension such as WooCommerce Bookings lets you keep data and analytics about customers’ preferences and behavior. This allows you to improve the user experience and close more sales.

Automate Time-Intensive Tasks

A scheduling system that integrates with the customer’s calendar can free staff from repetitive administrative work, which can help reduce labor costs. WooCommerce Bookings will send booking confirmations to customers that integrate with their own calendars, making it less likely they will forget about their appointment.

Automated cancellations and reminders for appointments can be sent. You can send reminders one day in advance of an appointment. Users can cancel or reschedule by clicking a button. This reduces the need for lengthy phone calls and ultimately decreases no-shows.

Responsive Design

WooCommerce Bookings and Bookings availability are fully responsive. It works great on all devices. It is important that your booking experience works across all devices in a world where customers are constantly switching between devices and making purchases.

Book Bookings Directly from Your Website

Customers want to be able to book appointments quickly, regardless of where they are located or at what time. A booking system on your website can help you increase your revenue and your sales, regardless of whether you are selling services, tickets, classes or hotel rooms.

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