In five steps, how to use email marketing to increase product reviews

How many times have you spotted a new restaurant and then pulled out your phone to check the reviews? It’s second nature.

Reviews seem to be the king of the world, no matter how you look at it. Reviews can make or break a decision about whether to eat out, shop at a cafe or buy from an eCommerce site.

Product reviews can help you build trust and improve your online presence if your business has a product line. One way to gather them is via email.

This guide will help you to make the most of email to increase product reviews. You’ll be able to gather product reviews to help your eCommerce store reach the next level.

Why do product reviews matter?

It can be very helpful to collect product reviews and customer feedback. They:


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  1. Build a strong reputation for your company. Online shoppers want to shop at a store that is trustworthy and reliable. An astounding 88% of consumers believe online reviews are as trustworthy as a recommendation from their friend.
  2. Develop a relationship with your existing customers. Asking customers who have returned to you for feedback on a product is a sign that you care. It also helps in building a rapport. Imagine how it would feel to be asked by your favorite brand for feedback, and then have your opinion featured on their website. Customers should feel valued and cared about by you. Personal interest can make you stand out from the rest.
  3. Give us testimonials. While it is possible to build your brand, testimonials are more powerful than any words you could ever say. A section on your website, or on social media, can be dedicated to customer reviews and comments about your shop. New visitors will be able to easily find out what others think by knowing exactly where to look. You may be able to motivate your visitors to purchase highly-reviewed products. This will increase your sales.
  4. Get valuable feedback. You can also use reviews to help you pinpoint areas where you can make improvements. You might get comments from multiple people that your return policy or shirts are too big. This information can be gathered and used to benefit your customers both past and future.

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How to request reviews in email marketing

You can also use the same software to request reviews from customers if you already send promotional emails or newsletters to subscribers. You can also use tools such as MailPoet to automatically ask customers for reviews after a certain time period.

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Here are some tips to request reviews

1. Customize your emails

Even though you may use pre-designed templates, it doesn’t mean they have to be the same as your responses. You don’t want to be bombarded with spam messages, considering all the spam they receive.

You can begin by personalizing the email with their name. You want to convey professionalism but also make them feel like a friend. You can give your emails that personal touch by simply saying “Hi there” or “How’s the going?”

You can also customize your email by seperating them by product or category.

This product was purchased and you have been sent emails

Let’s suppose you want to increase sales and reviews for a product. This is possible with Mailpoet’s product-specific email feature paired with WooCommerce. You can first customize your emails according to the product you purchased, and then set them up to trigger after a certain time.

You may send them tutorials or suggest similar products. You can also ask for a review.

You might send a review request that reads:

Hey, subscriber’!

We purchased the product name X days ago and wanted to see how you liked it. We are grateful for your support and can’t wait until you tell us how it has been working for them. Would you be willing to share your thoughts? We value your honest feedback and will use it to improve our products in the future.

Insert call-to-action button

In a few sentences, you can remind them about their purchase and encourage them to provide some feedback.

This category email was purchased

What if you want to increase sales in one category? To reach large numbers of customers in this segment, send an ” Purchased In This Category” email. These emails target customers based upon the category they purchased in the beginning, rather than the product-specific emails.

You can ask for a review, which will increase your credibility with new customers. It also allows you to remind past customers about other products that might be of interest to them.

You don’t have to be formal and friendly. People should think of you as someone they can trust and encourage them to return to the store they love. You can schedule these category emails in advance so that they are sent out days to weeks after the initial purchase.

2. Make a clear call for action

Your customers should be able to leave reviews as easily as possible. It’s not what you want for your customers to feel like it’s just another email that has been sent. Instead, include a clear call to action at end of message.

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You might send a brief message or a button with the following: “Click Here to Tell Us What You Think” or “Fill out an informal Survey.”

3. Timing is everything

Timing is everything when using email marketing to increase product review. You’ve been there: you download a game app to your phone and are contacted with a review request within five seconds. You haven’t even played the game.

The same applies to product reviews. You want to allow the customer to familiarize themselves with your purchase before you send emails. You should also consider shipping time.

Consider a digital download as opposed to a hoodie. A digital download can be accessed immediately by someone who purchased it. It is best to send a product review at least a week after delivery.

A physical product such as a hoodie must be washed and hung in the closet. It is possible that a person will not reach for the product until it is too windy. After a few weeks, you might send a product review email. They will have enough time to try it out once or twice and can then give it a detailed review.

With either one of the MailPoet tools, you can set up automated email sending times. This allows you to email people at the right time and helps you catch customers.

4. Your customers shouldn’t be annoyed

You don’t want your reviews to be viewed as pushy. It’s fine if they don’t reply to your request for testimonials. You will have many opportunities to ask for their review if they are a regular customer.

If you send too many requests for product reviews, your customers will unsubscribe faster than they can say “email”. Why not include an incentive in the subject?

A reward could be a 15% discount coupon to encourage them to share their thoughts, or a buy one get one deal for their next purchase.

The subject line could be:

Subscriber Name: Get 15% off your next order for sharing your thoughts.


How does BOGO on your next purchase sound to you, subscriber’?

5. We are grateful for their time.

Last but not least, thank your customers for taking the time to fill out surveys or send in their feedback. Even a poor review can provide valuable insight into your product’s potential improvements.

MailPoet can send behavior-triggered emails to customers after they have completed a product review. Send a thank you email if you promised a discount. A simple thank-you email suffices.

We understand that asking for product reviews can be frustrating, but the rewards of learning about what works make it all worthwhile.

These are the key ingredients to a successful email marketing campaign.

  • You can customize your email ( productcategory)
  • Make a clear call for action
  • Time your emails right
  • Do not harass customers
  • Recognize customers’ time

These tips will help you feel comfortable asking for product reviews via email. People want to feel valued. Your business and reputation will be better for years to come if you show your customers you care.

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