How to use transactional emails to foster customer loyalty

It is important to stay in touch with customers after they have made a purchase. Customers will feel more valued and confident in their purchase if businesses do this well. This will increase their satisfaction. This can result in repeat business from customers who love your company online.

Shop owners don’t want to be dependent on their email. With automatic transactional emails, assure your customers that they have received their order and are on the way to delivery.

What is a transactional Email?

Transactional emails are an email that is sent automatically to customers based on the events surrounding their order. Each shopper should be able to receive an automatic confirmation once they have completed their order. It will include the item purchased and the total cost. Transactional emails are used to inform shoppers about their order status.

WooCommerce has several transactional emails that are pre-configured by default. Automated emails are sent when orders move through the delivery process in your shop. Customers can be notified when their order is received, processed and ready for delivery.

Tip: You can create new order statuses with the WooCommerce Extension Order Status Manager to trigger automatic emails.


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Personalizing transactional emails

You can customize your WooCommerce transactional email to include your logos, colors and other information. Customized emails serve several purposes:

  1. They are instantly recognisable. The email will be instantly recognizable by recipients.
  2. They look better. We love the default WooCommerce purple emails, but it is our brand! Customers will recognize your brand if they can change the colors to match your style.
  3. They offer useful information. Customers can find answers quickly and easily by adding additional information.

By navigating to WooCommerce Settings – Emails, you can modify the colors, header, and footer of transactional emails. You want to work visually? MailPoet’s HTML template customizer is a great way to work visually. Drag-and-drop editor allows you to edit all your email elements without having to code.


You can change the content of your email settings, beyond the design. You can edit the email by clicking Manage beside the one you are interested in editing.

You can attach custom notes to each product to provide information, including user guides or installation instructions. This is called a purchase note and can be found in the Advanced Section of the Product Data Box for each product.

Transforming transactional emails into sales leads

Transactional emails are usually a sign that you have made a sale. You can convert those emails with the template customizer at MailPoet to make additional orders. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can accomplish this.

  1. Include a coupon code. You might add a coupon code or a discount to your email “order confirmation”. This encourages customers to buy the accessory they are interested in or return for a second purchase within a few weeks. It also rewards them for shopping in your store.
  2. Request a review. Customers are most excited when they get their product in the mail. It’s special to receive exactly what you want at their doorstep. You can make the most of this excitement by asking your customers to share or review your product via social media. This is a great way for you to reach new customers (or boost your product’s confidence).
  3. Add a Call to Action button. CTA (call-to-action) is a call to action that asks customers to take action. Perhaps you ask your customers to sign up for a subscription, or combine images, text and buttons to show additional products that are available in your store.

The best thing? MailPoet allows you to drag and drop these items into transactional email templates. You can also preview your updates. It’s as simple as clicking a button.

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Ensure that your transactional emails arrive safely

It doesn’t make sense to send great emails but they don’t arrive in the customer’s inbox. Imagine the frustration of placing an online order but never receiving confirmation. This can cause distrust in your buyers. How can you avoid this?

First, make sure your transactional email are enabled in WOOCommerce – Settings-Emails. Next, change your “From” address to something that is at your domain and not an email service such as Gmail or Yahoo. This can trigger spam filters.

An SMTP solution can help you ensure that your emails arrive on time and improve deliverability. This application is specifically designed to send and get emails, and verify your email address. This helps you to avoid spam filters.

MailPoet provides this feature with an advanced delivery infrastructure that sends more than 30 million emails every month. MailPoet allows unlimited email delivery, unlike many SMTP providers that limit the number of emails you can send each month. MailPoet’s emails will arrive in customers’ inboxes within seconds so that shoppers don’t have the worry of wondering if their order was successful.

Beyond transactional emails

What happens when a customer makes a purchase and orders are delivered? How can you keep customers coming back for more weeks, months or even years?

Email marketing is a great way to do this. After you have sent out effective transactional emails, you can continue to contact customers who give permission to send them information, updates, educational materials, coupons, and other relevant material. This will keep your company and products top-of-mind.

You can use MailPoet for both transactional and marketing emails. These are just a few features that you have access to:

  • Sign up for GDPR-friendly directly from the checkout page.
  • Automatic sync of previous and new customers.
  • Marketing messages that are tailored to each customer’s specific product purchase.
  • You can customize the entire site with a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Automated email series to welcome, educate and inform your customers.
  • Advanced email statistics to ensure you know exactly how much revenue your emails bring in.

Combining marketing and transactional emails can be a powerful way to increase sales and keep buyers happy. Do you already have an email address? Learn how to turn these subscribers into customers .

Communication is crucial

Your goal is to keep customers happy and engaged throughout the purchase process. You can make sure that your customers are being treated well, manage their expectations and provide all the information they require to purchase more.

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