How to start a clothing business in 2021: From T-shirts to high fashion:

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a clothing line. Online selling of apparel is a great opportunity. There are always clothes people need, and fashion trends change constantly.

There is a lot of competition with this opportunity. It’s crucial to stand out in a saturated market when starting a clothing business. We have outlined a methodical way to start your clothing business.

Select a clothing product you want to sell

One product might be a tee. Or you could launch a whole line, perhaps niching into an category selling vintage clothes or an online shop. It doesn’t matter what your approach is, it’s important to choose the right product idea that resonates with your target customers. It’s not enough to create clothing that people love. You also need to make it compelling enough to get people to buy.

Select a business model

There are many business models that you can use to start a clothing business. Each model has its own advantages and challenges.

Print on demand

Print-on-demand is a business model that allows you to outsource manufacturing and order fulfillment. The print-on-demand service will create a printable design and place it on your clothing product. Once an order has been placed, the company will ship it to you. Print on demand is a low-risk business model that doesn’t require any inventory investment. However, it has lower profit margins than other clothing businesses. These are additional resources that will help you to learn more about printing on demand for your clothing company.


Dropshipping can be another option. You promote products and sell them on your website. However, a third-party dropshipper holds stock and fulfills orders on your behalf. Dropshipping is similar to print-on-demand, but it doesn’t require printing. These resources will help you learn more about dropshipping.


You can also make your own clothing by hand if you prefer a hands-on approach to your clothing company. Either you have the skills to sew from scratch or hire a professional designer. To find creative and inspiring professionals that can help you bring your vision to reality, browse Shopify Experts.


You can still have control of your product, but not the ability to create it yourself. Manufacturers can help you bring your clothing designs to reality. It is particularly helpful to work with a manufacturer if your growth goals are clear. If you hand-make every item, it can be hard or impossible to keep up. It is important to communicate your growth goals to suppliers in order for them to be able handle it.

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Create a business plan

Your clothing brand’s business plan is a guide. It helps you identify your goals, the challenges and roadblocks that you may face along the way, as well as the resources needed to make them happen. Not only is it useful for you, but for your partners, investors, lenders, and for future generations.


Start your business

Before your business can be considered “legit”, there are several steps you need to follow.

Name your clothing company

When people learn about your clothing company, their first impression is of your business name. Your name should be memorable. Different brands have different requirements. It’s possible to be very simple or more playful with something more literal and creative. The OutragePhenomenal, are two t-shirt companies that support social causes. They are named after people who are passionate about social issues and extraordinary women who stand up for them. This is just one way to grow your clothing business. You have many options for creative names.

Your logo is the visual representation of your clothing business. Although you can hire a designer to create your logo, many clothing businesses launch their logos themselves. You can play with fonts, colors and graphics using our Hatchful creator. It can be used to create your logo ideas and share them with a professional when you are ready to invest.

Your store is built

Now that you have the brand and the clothes you want, your website is the place where it all happens. Although it may seem daunting to build an online store, you can create your own Shopify store with customizable templates and themes–no programming required.

Choose your sales channels

You can sell clothes online directly from your website. To reach more customers on different platforms, you can add additional sales channels. You can also sell on other channels such as Etsy and Amazon, wholesale, retail, and social media. It all comes down to identifying the channels that your customers use.

Get your logistics in order

Fulfillment and shipping are both the most exciting and least important parts of any online business. These logistics are what ensure that products reach their destination, which is the customer’s address. You need to ensure that your order fulfillment is more than just shipping.


Get ready to launch your business

Now that you have a plan for success and the foundations to get there, it is time to put everything in order and launch. Before you launch your online store and allow customers to place orders, there are some steps that you should follow.

Make and implement a marketing strategy

After your online store is up and running, you can start to drive traffic to your site. To market your store, you need to do research, plan, execute creatively, and analyze data.


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Learn, test, and iterate

It’s easy to grow your business online, which is a great advantage. You can run some tests to find out what works and what doesn’t so that you can optimize your store or campaigns for more sales.

Shopify allows you to start your own clothing business

Shopify allows you to sell designer clothing, vintage items, and everything else in between. You’ll be supported every step of your journey with helpful resources, intuitive tools and dedicated customer support.

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