How do I add a free gift to my Magento 2 cart automatically?

How do I add a free gift to my Magento 2 cart automatically?

As a common activity of human-being, gifts have been around for many years. It shows the recipient that you care about them and comes from your heart.

Gifts can be given for many reasons. They give gifts to show their love, appreciation, and keep in touch.

Every store owner wants to communicate with customers by using gifts. Online stores that use Magento 2 platforms can automatically add a gift to their clients’ shopping carts, which can increase customer satisfaction. Merchants can also use this method to say thank you for their customers.

This blog will discuss the benefits of free gifts, and how to automatically add them to your customers’ carts.

What are the benefits to offering customers free gifts?

Shops can offer their customers free products as part of various promotions strategies. This seems like a great deal for customers. But, gifting customers gifts can bring benefits to store owners.

Increase brand awareness and advertise

Gifts are a great way to advertise. E-commerce shops invest heavily in advertising to promote their brand to customers. But, even simple gifts like a gift can have a big impact as an advertisement.

In other words, when a shopping cart has reached a certain amount, the customer will receive a pen with your logo on it. This pen can be borrowed by others and will display the name of your company. This could lead to a conversation about the website and they will be able to visit it.

A small gesture of kindness, such as a bag or mug for a travel buddy, can have a huge impact on your business. It’s better than advertising through the media.

Customer satisfaction can be improved

Customers can add gifts to their shopping carts and create a memorable user experience. This will surprise customers and increase their satisfaction while shopping.


Customers can feel satisfied even with small gifts. It shows appreciation and gratitude for their valued customers.

Customers can be introduced to new products

You can give your customers new products as gifts if you have them. Customers will be happy to try the new products and leave meaningful comments to help you improve.

They will not only be interested in but they will also be looking for these new products.

You can save time by selecting free gifts to add into your cart

When clients select specific products, they can add the appropriate gifts to their shopping cart automatically. The gift is already in the customer’s shopping cart so they don’t have to choose it. This allows you to choose your gift quickly.

Based on stock, a free gift will be chosen. If you have multiple gifts, the stock that has more stock will determine which item to add to your cart. Customers don’t know what the free gifts are.

Administrators can give gifts to certain products free of charge if they meet two conditions: the product attributes rule and the cart rule. Gifts will be added automatically if the product meets these conditions.

Store owners have the power to set different conditions with the cart rule. Customers who order more than $200 in total and ship to the United States will receive a free T-shirt.


Administrators can choose the condition’s attributes if they wish to apply the product attribute rules. Customers who purchase items in the laptop category will get a keyboard for free.


Magento 2: How do I add a gift to my cart automatically?

Magento 2 does not have the ability to automatically add gifts to your cart. This function requires an extension or tool that allows store owners to do it. Mageplaza’s Free Gifts Extension allows merchants to manage gifts and automatically add them to their customers’ carts.

Let’s see the configuration below for Mageplaza’s Magento 2 Free gifts.

General configuration

You can access the admin panel by clicking on the following link: Marketing-> Free Gifts-> Configuration.


Administrators can easily enable the module by selecting Yes under the Enable subsection.


  • Gift list Layout allows administrators to display the front-end’s gift list in one of three ways: Grid, , or Slider. You don’t need to create the Gift List Layout if the gift is automatically added to the shopping cart.
  • Notice for gift: Customers will see a notice with the present to distinguish it from other products.
  • Administrators can disable the gift notification section by selecting Yes in the Allow customers section. Customers can also turn off the notice from the View Cart Page.
  • Administrators have the option to upload any gift icon they like. The Gift icon won’t be displayed if there isn’t an uploaded file.

Use the Rule

Administrators can make rules that allow them to give away gifts under certain conditions. They can visit Marketing-> Free Gifts-> Rule Management.

You can enter the name of your rule in the Name section. It will then be displayed in the backend to differentiate it from other rules.

  • Status – Choose To Turn On
  • Description – Fill in a brief description of the rule
  • Website: A specific rule will apply to websites
  • Customer group – Select the customer group you wish to apply the rule.
  • Administrators have the option to choose the date and complete the rule in both the Active From or Active To fields.
  • Priority – The lower the number, the more important. Zero is the highest.

There are two options for store managers to choose from when applying the rule in the Condition tab. The first is for the cart and the second is for the item.

  • Condition for cart


  • Condition for item


Administrators have the option to select different conditions for which they wish to apply the rule. The rule will be applied if the shopping cart or product meets these conditions.

Shop admins must choose Auto to have gifts added to the shopping cart automatically in the Activity tab.


  • Field support was limited in the number of gifts that clients could receive by applying the rule.

Managers can manage the Gift List section’s list of free gifts. They can select specific items to be gifts by clicking the Add Gift button. Other They can choose the Delete option in the Actions to remove.


So that they can effectively manage the list, the free gifts will be listed.


Display at the frontend

  • Display on mini cart


  • Display on view cart page



The Magento2 Free Gifts Module is an e-commerce tool that allows merchants to surprise customers with free gifts to make them more happy during their shopping experience. It helps increase customer retention and boost sales for online stores.


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