Gift cards are great for holidays and your store

Gift cards are an essential part of holiday shopping season where 30% all retail sales take place . Major online retailers offer gift cards to increase sales and provide customers with more options. They are in high demand. In 2019, the global gift-card market was worth more than $619 million. It is expected to grow to $1.9 billion by 2027.

The holidays are a great time to offer gift cards to customers if you don’t have them yet!

Here are seven reasons to give gift cards

1. Boost order values

Nearly three-quarters of gift card recipients spend 38% more on average than what their cards are worth. They receive a gift certificate from a friend, redeem it at a store, and fall in love with so many products they end up spending the entire amount. You might gain new fans by selling gift cards.

2. You can add new products with no additional overhead

Store owners can save a lot of money by using digital gift cards. They don’t need physical storage or shipping and can be created and tracked automatically. The majority of the cost is related to selling and marketing the cards online.

3. Attract new customers

Imagine a customer giving a gift certificate to a friend who has never shop in your store. Now you have a new customer. Gift cards can also be used as a marketing tool to attract new customers via social media, email, and other advertising channels.


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4. Offering safe and convenient options

Customers who aren’t sure what to gift their loved ones during the holidays can always turn to gift cards. They are a good choice for everyone in the middle of a crisis. Customers can buy them from their own homes and the recipients can use them online to shop. The demand for digital gift cards is on the rise. A survey has shown that there was a 74% increase in the number of them sold in 2020.

5. Returns reduced

Many customers purchase gift cards to avoid worrying about choosing the right size or color. Because gift cards let the recipient choose what item to order, it makes shopping much easier. This reduces the likelihood of product returns as well as the hassles associated with shipping costs and restocking fees. This is a better shopping experience for both the customer and the gift recipient.

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6. Customer engagement can be increased

If a customer spends a certain amount in your store, why not offer a gift certificate? If you offer subscriptions, reward loyal customers with a gift certificate. This may encourage them to upgrade and get a better subscription. For shoppers who haven’t bought in a while, a gift card can be a great incentive to visit the store.

7. Encourage positivity

Gift cards are a great way to encourage and re-engage customers, reduce returns and give them flexibility in purchasing. Positive shopping experiences will likely generate positive reviews for both your products and brand.

How to get the most out of gift cards this holiday season

1. Make them configurable

You can make cards for special occasions with the gift cards extension. Customers can also add personalized messages to your cards.

2. You can arrange delivery for a later date

Let customers choose a future delivery date, like Christmas Day. You can purchase all your gift cards in one order and then schedule delivery for the perfect time for each recipient.

3. Customers can choose the amount

The Gift Cards extension is seamlessly integrated with the Name your Price extension. This means that customers can purchase gift cards in any amount they wish. The convenience of gift cards that are affordable will be appreciated by shoppers.

4. Customers who buy gift cards will be rewarded

You can offer future discounts to customers who purchase gift cards with the Smart Coupons extension. Advertise the offer by using the following example: To increase sales, you can even advertise the offer (e.g. “Buy $50 Gift Card for a Friend and Get $10 Off Your Next Purchase”)

5. Reward your affiliates

You can give holiday bonuses to your affiliates by using the Affiliate plugin for WooCommerce extension. This will allow you to reward their performance with gift cards and holiday bonuses. It’s possible to keep affiliates engaged by your brand with a little motivation.

6. Donate gift certificates to fundraisers

Gift cards can be donated to local charities to support your community. Even those who don’t win a gift card through a raffle or holiday auction will still see your brand and may be inspired to shop at you store.

7. Use social media to give away gift cards

Gift cards can be used to grow your audience and increase user-generated material. It’s easy to increase your followers and digital engagement by using tried and true digital marketing strategies such as “like/share to enter to win” or photo caption contests. In exchange for a chance at winning a gift certificate, you could ask your followers to upload a photo or video with one of your products. This doubles as great content generation.

8. Gift cards that can be used online or offline are available.

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Consider adding the PDF Product Coupons extension to your website if your store is located in a physical place. You can offer your customers printed vouchers to redeem for salon services, tickets or yoga classes, or for products.

9. As an upsell, use gift cards

If you offer free shipping on orders over $99, gift cards are a great product recommendation. You can recommend a gift card to customers who are trying to reach the minimum cart value. Or, you can position gift certificates as holiday gifts that require only a few clicks.

10. After holiday shipping deadlines have expired, you can market them

Last-minute gifts are a common request from shoppers who realize that their physical delivery won’t arrive in time for the holiday season. These customers love gift cards. In the days leading up to the holidays, consider adding a banner across the entire site that promotes digital gifts cards.

Get all the benefits by acting quickly

Gift cards can be a cost-effective and simple way to increase sales, retain customers, gain new fans, or provide a more flexible shopping experience. Now is the best time to add digital gift cards to your store, especially with the holiday season fast approaching.

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