Commercetools: What should you know?

Technological developments, changes in consumer habits, and new needs have all contributed to the growing popularity of e-commerce. Today’s businesses are slowly moving towards headless eCommerce. We will be introducing Commercetools, and all that is known about this headless platform.

What’s Commercetools?

First, let’s find out what Commercetools is. Commercetools, a next-generation software company, is dedicated to offering a cloud-based commerce platform. It helps to create data blocks that will enable digital commerce to flourish. Commercetools, its software, is an API-first platform. This means that it treats APIs as products, and not as parts of larger software entities. This helps retailers increase their brand value by enabling commerce teams to create engaging digital commerce experiences for all users, even the future. With over 75 extensions and integrations, the platform caters to large and medium-sized enterprises.

Benefits of Commercetools in business

Commercetools, a leading headless commerce software, stands out as it brings many benefits to businesses. This platform provides a separate, logical front-end experience that is completely independent from the back end. Software gives businesses complete control over designing user interfaces and connecting to other devices and channels. Firms can also be fully cloud-based for faster performance. The business won’t need to worry about slow performance, insufficient scalability or data security.

Commercetools is also fast and extensible. This headless platform allows for high speed time to market. It is possible to choose the configuration that you prefer, and not its code. This allows for a more agile and efficient approach. This platform will deliver a true Omnichannel Experience to Businesses. It has very flexible commercial logic so that the platform can seamlessly serve the entire business. Commercetools gives users the feeling of being omnichannel. No matter which platform you sell on, Commercetools will help you provide the best user experience.

Have access to Commercetools

Commercetools can be understood and its benefits for businesses. This is the right time to give Commercetools a look and to sign up. If your company is large and requires assistance with moving to headless commerce and its extensions will make your business more profitable and help you build a lasting reputation. This platform is great for businesses of any size, small or large. They will be able to scale up and reap more profits in the long-term.

One of the fastest ways to connect is through ConnectPOS.. This cloud-based POS system (point-of sale) has powerful features to manage business operations. It’s one of only a few systems that allows this connection. This will make it easy for your business to transition quickly to headless commerce.


Commercetools can help you and your company access it easier.

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