Blockchain-Based Evidence of GDPR Compliance

Blockchain-Based Evidence of GDPR Compliance

Blockchain solutions can pose unique GDPR problems. Sometimes it is misunderstood, that “Blockchain’s immutability conflicts the GDPR’s right to be forgotten” policy. However, Dragonchain was built with privacy in mind. We can provide proof that blockchain is GDPR compliant. This will not expose any personally identifiable information. With respect to consent, this guarantees that personal data stored within will be protected.

Dragonchain keeps a tamper-proof, provably accurate on-chain audit log that demonstrates compliance and accountability to regulations (GDPR and HIPAA other). This allows users to manage preferences and keep detailed records of consent.

Dragonchain is a tool that automates consent tracking and management, including right to be forgotten and subject access requests (SAR). Our Proof Systems allow organizations to prove an event, its date and time, as well as who was involved in providing any service.

Dragonchain allows you to demonstrate compliance with all technical requirements (e.g. To address the multitude of regulations that industries face, Dragonchain provides a way to prove compliance with all technical requirements (e.g. GDPR, CCPA and the right to forget, subject access requests, data preservation).


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