7 Best Ice Cream Franchises 2018

Ice cream is a seasonal industry that is losing market share to healthier treats and snacks. There are still many successful ice cream chains that offer franchise opportunities. FranchiseGrade.com provided data about the top 7 ice cream franchises.

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These are the 7 top ice cream franchises:

1. Kona Ice Kona Ice

Total Initial Investment:$120.225 to $143,025
No. No.
Royalty fees: $3,000 – $4,000 per annum
Ten-year Agreement


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Kona Ice, a mobile ice cream truck, offers flavored shaved, ice cream and other iced sweet treats. Kona Ice franchisees can be mobilized and can be hired to provide shaved-ice that customers can customize. There are also trailers, kiosks and shaved ice carts.

Kona Ice was founded in Northern Kentucky in 2007. It began franchising in 2008 and has since expanded to other states. To become a Kona Ice franchisee, you will need to invest between $120,225 and $143,025 upfront. There are currently 790 units nationwide. The agreement lasts for 10 years. The ongoing royalty fee is $3,000-$4,000 per annum.

Bowl of Heaven 2. Bowl of Heaven

Total Initial Investment:$142,000 – $490,500
No. No.
Royalty fees: 6.
Ten-year Agreement


Bowl of Heaven offers healthy acai bowls and superfood smoothies as well as freshly pressed juices. Bowls of healthy treats are made without ice, dairy, or processed sugar. They only use fruits, honey, granola and honey. You can choose from a wide range of fruits, including mango, bananas, blueberries and raspberries, as well as strawberries, peaches, pears or kiwis.

Bowl of Heaven was established in 2010 and began franchising in 2012. There are currently 10 available franchises. To become a franchisee, you will need to invest between $142,000 and 490,500. The initial contract agreement covers a period of 10 years, while the renewal term lasts for 5 years. The ongoing royalty fee for their services is 6%.

Sub Zero 3. Sub Zero Ice Cream

Total Initial Investment:$160,000 – $381,000
No. No.
Royalty fees: 6.
Ten-year Agreement


Sub Zero Ice Cream is a relatively new franchise that’s rapidly growing. Sub Zero uses liquid nitrogen to make their ice cream. Customers can choose the cream base, flavor and mix-ins they want, as well as the texture and consistency of their ice cream. Sub Zero has a variety of milk bases available, including original milk, low fat, yogurt, vegan, and lactose-free. These can all be mixed with any flavor.

Sub Zero was established in 2004 and began franchising in 2008 There are currently 40 Sub Zero franchises across the country. Sub Zero franchisees require an upfront investment of $160,000 to $381,000. Their contract agreement lasts for 10 years, and they charge a 6% ongoing royalty fee.

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Dairy Queen 4. Dairy Queen

Total Initial Investment:$361,450 – $1,212,000.600
No. No.
Royalty fees: 5%
15 year agreement


Dairy Queen is one the largest ice cream chains. It offers soft icecream that’s fresh out of the freezer. Dairy Queen has been in business since 1940. The first Dairy Queen stores sold soft ice cream. They have been adding a wide range of ice cream options to their menus recently, including banana splits and frozen yogurts.

Dairy Queen offers over 1,400 franchise opportunities. The total investment required is between $361,450 to $1,212,000. The term of the contract agreement is for 15 years and there is an ongoing royalty fee at 5%.

Dippin Dots 5. Dippin’ Dots

Total Initial Investment:$112,204 – $376,950
No. No.
Royalty fees: 6.
5 year agreement


Dippin’ Dots offers flash-frozen icecream products in a variety flavors. The flash-freezing process at Dippin’ Dots allows the ice cream form into small balls. The flash-frozen ice-cream can melt, unlike freeze-dried products. Flash-frozen flavored Ice, Sherbet, Yogurt and No-Sugar Treats are also available.

Dippin’ dots was founded in 1988, and they began franchising in 1999. There are currently 190 franchises across the country. To open a Dippin’ Dots franchise, you will need to invest an initial amount of $112,204 up to $376,950. They have a 5-year contract term and a 6% ongoing royalty fee.

Baskin Robbins 6. Baskin Robbins

Total Initial Investment:$94350 to $4022,200
No. No.
Royalty fees: 5.9%
20 year agreement


Baskin Robbins is the largest chain of ice cream shops in the world. You can find a wide range of sweet treats at Baskin Robbins including cones, sundaes and ice cream cakes. They also offer frozen drinks like milkshakes and fruit shakes. They are an innovative company that provides franchisees with access to a variety of experts such as business and operations professionals and development and construction managers.

Baskin Robbins was founded in 1945. They began franchising in 1950. There are currently over 1,000 franchisees in the country. Prospective franchisees must have an upfront investment between $94,350 and $402,200. They also need to sign a 20-year contract with a 5.9% ongoing royalty fee.

Cold Stone Creamery 7. Cold Stone Creamery

Total Initial Investment:$50,000.00 to $467.525
No. No.
Royalty fees: 6.
Ten-year Agreement


Cold Stone Creamery is well-known for its premium ice cream. Each store makes their waffle cones and ice cream fresh every day. They offer a variety of ice creams as well as frozen yogurt, sorbet and shakes.

To become a franchisee you will need to invest between $50,200 – $467,525. There are currently over 900 franchise locations across the country. They charge an ongoing royalty fee at 6%. Their initial contract agreement is for 10 years and their renewal term is for 5 years.

Bottom Line – Ice Cream Franchise

Although the ice cream industry has been experiencing a decline in recent years, due to seasonality and “healthier” competitors, there are still viable franchise opportunities. These 7 ice cream franchises are some of the most popular ice cream chains that you can franchise.

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