6 Best Agent Services

Services offered by registered agents (RAs) are generally similar. They accept legal and state documents for you. Pricing, customer service and other legal services plans are the only differences. Consider your company’s legal requirements and your overall budget when choosing the right registered agent service.

These are the six top registered agent services in 2020:

Register Agent Services Best for Cost
Northwest Registered Agent (Best Overall) Business owners who need a simple and reliable RA service $125 per annum
InFile A new business owner with a limited budget is looking for the best deal on registering agents $119 (First year free of charge with new business formation
Zen Business Pricing package for a custom registered agent or business formation $99 per annum (first year $49 for new business formation).
LegalZoom You can also find many other online legal services $299 per annum
Biz Council A registered agent service and ongoing legal advice With its $89 per-month plan, there is no cost
Rocket Lawyer Affordable legal services – registered agent, business formations, legal advice and legal docs $149.99/year (save 25% if you are a member).


Tip For more information about what a registered representative does for your company, please read our beginner guide to becoming a registered agent.


How we evaluated registered agent service companies

We reviewed the following:

  • How much does RA cost? Are there discounts for the first year?
  • Additional services: Is there an additional service that is included with the standard registered agent service
  • Customer reviews online: What was your experience?
  • Software quality: How will the signup process and ease-of-use be?
  • You can use a company to provide RA services. Can you also use them for legal services like business formation to launch your business or attorney advice?
  • Customer Service: How can I reach the companies?

Northwest Registered Agent: Best RA Service for Small Businesses

What makes Northwest unique is it specializes in registered agent (RA) services. This focus allows them to perfect the RA service with locally scanned documents and customer service reps (called Local Guides) that are experts in registered agent services. In addition to being your RA, they can also assist with business formation and maintaining your business with the state.

Northwest Registered Agent Pros Northwest Registered Agent Cons
Talk to a local guide for free Inadequacy of comprehensive legal services
Documents that have been locally scanned  
Customer privacy enhanced  
Highly rated customer service  

Contact Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Agent Pricing

$125 per year

Northwest Registered Agent Features

  • Local Corporate Guides When you call Northwest, you will speak to a “Local Business Guide” who is knowledgeable in the specific state you are calling. This is a great benefit for RA services because they can help you navigate the process. A registered agent can go by many different names depending on the state they are in and have different business requirements.
  • Documents locally scanned: Northwest will scan the document and upload it from the location where it is received. It is possible for mail to be lost if it is sent to another company.
  • No sales of personal data:Some large online legal service providers will sell your personal information. Northwest has committed to never selling any customer’s data.
  • Customer Service: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern Time by phone, email and chat.

Why we like Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest’s About Us page is one of the most customer-centric pages ever created. Their slogan is “We’re just not annoying.” They also believe that money should never be in the way of a good relationship. You don’t have any obligation to be happy with the service you receive. Northwest does not have any investors or debt and is the owner of their commercial real property. The business can be run by its owners without the need for outside supervision, unlike other legal services.

IncFile: The Best Deal for a New Company’s Registered Agent

What separates IncFile from other registered agent services is its initial low cost. The first year of RA services is free when you form a business (LLC or corporation). After the first year, it’s $119 a year. Included with the RA service is a digital dashboard that reminds you of important dates such as business registration renewal.

Pros at IncFile IncFile Agent Cons
Registration of a business is free for the first year No legal form maker
Register your business for free  
Online dashboard for RAs  
SMS Notifications

Visit IncFile

Pricing for IncFile Agents

$119 per year, but it’s free the first year you register your new business.

IncFile’s business registration (LLC/C-corp and S-corp) are free.

IncFile Agent Features

  • IncFile:IncFile is the leader in pricing. The first year of registration for registered agent services, when forming a company, comes with no cost.
  • Additional legal service: IncFile offers unique legal services including filings with the IRS and a search for trade names.
  • Online dashboard Log in to an online portal to view important information regarding your registered agent service, such as the renewal date and scanned documents.
  • SMS notifications When IncFile receives documents on your behalf, it will send a text message to you.
  • Customer Service: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Central Time by phone or email.

Why we like IncFile as a registered agent

IncFile is the best online pricing provider for legal services. The delivery of services is high-quality, despite the lower price. Third-party review sites rate IncFile at 4.8 out 5 stars. Customers were pleased with the customer service experience and the simple process of signing up for legal services.


ZenBusiness: The Most Flexible RA and Business Formation Programs

What separates ZenBusiness from competitors is the ability to combine RA services with a custom business formation package—create one that fits your needs. Also, similar to IncFile, it provides a first-year discount on RA services when you combine them with a business formation. ZenBusiness is highly rated online. With any negative reviews, it tries to resolve the customer’s complaint.

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Pros Zen Business Registered Agent Cons
Customer service at its best Recent increases in the length of customer responses have led to a longer response time
You don’t have to worry about compliance  
Unique additional legal services  
There are many plans available  

Visit ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness Agent Pricing

$99 per annum

Existing business owners can also choose from several plans. The lowest-cost business formation and registered agent plan costs $49 the first year, and $119 each year thereafter.

ZenBusiness Features

  • ZenBusiness offers worry-free compliance when you sign up to the $179 per annum business formation and registered agent plans. This deal guarantees compliance with state or it will fix it at no cost.
  • Exclusive service plans: All three ZenBusiness business formation and maintenance plans include an agent. Depending on your business requirements, choose the right plan.
  • Highly rated user reviews:4.7 stars from third-party review websites. ZenBusiness was easy to use for customers. Customers also liked the speed of response.
  • Customer Service: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Central Time by phone, chat, or email.

ZenBusiness: Why We Love It

ZenBusiness offers unique packages that include its registered agent program. ZenBusiness offers peace of mind for business owners who are concerned about keeping up with state documents. ZenBusiness is second, with a $49 initial fee ($119 thereafter) and the best business formation and RA deal IncFile has to offer.

LegalZoom: The Best Choice for Additional Legal Services

What separates Legal Zoom from the other registered agent service competitors is the additional features. Every RA service includes business data monitoring and up to $1 million in identity theft coverage through Experian. Additionally, LegalZoom provides a compliance calendar to keep you up to date with any RA-related deadlines in your state.

LegalZoom Registered Agent Pros LegalZoom Agent Cons
Business data monitoring High costs
$1 Million in Identity Theft Coverage  
Calendar for compliance  
A large selection of legal services available  

Visit LegalZoom

LegalZoom Agent Pricing

$299 per annum

LegalZoom Agent Features

  • A wide range of legal services are available: You can also get personalized legal docs and legal advice.
  • Identity theft coverage and data monitoring: All RA services include Experian data monitoring.
  • Compliance calendar LegalZoom offers a custom compliance calendar that alerts users to deadlines for tax returns and annual reports.
  • Customer Service: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Pacific Time, Saturday and Sunday, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Pacific Time, by phone, email or chat.

Why LegalZoom is a Registered Agent

LegalZoom’s high-quality and simple-to-use software is one reason it is more expensive. LegalZoom offers the best customer service, with weekends open–which can be important for side-businesses.

BizCounsel: The Best Registered Agent Deal with a Advice Plan

What separates BizCounsel from the other companies on this list is that its registered agent service is free. However, to get the free RA, you need to sign up for its $89 per month legal advice and document review plan. If you have a business that needs documents reviewed by an attorney frequently, or ongoing legal questions, BizCounsel has the best registered agent service deal.

BizCounsel Registered agent Pros BizCounsel Registered agent Cons
RA’s available for three businesses that have the Pro plan You must purchase the legal advice plan
Unlimited attorney consultations  
Drafting custom legal documents  
Online reviews highly rated  

Go to BizCounsel

BizCounsel registered agent pricing

$89 to $189 per Month (RA included in legal advice and document review plans)

BizCounsel Registered Agent Features

  • Multiple registered agent: If you own multiple businesses, you can have three registered agents under the BizCounsel Pro plan.
  • Customer Support Team:Members can book appointments or facilitate meetings with an attorney by contacting a client success specialist.
  • Responsive customer services: Negative online comments were followed up by a BizCounsel representative and the co-founder.
  • Customer Service: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Pacific Time by phone or email.

BizCounsel is why we like it

BizCounsel was founded by LegalZoom’s founders over 20 years ago. They are familiar with the online legal services market. BizCounsel can help you with document drafting and legal questions.

Rocket Lawyer: The Most Affordable Combination Of Legal Services and Registered Agents

What separates Rocket Lawyer (RL) from the competition is the combination of lower-cost ongoing legal services such as customizable forms, legal advice, and a registered agent service. Rocket Lawyer’s pricing for a RA is slightly more expensive than most companies on this list. However, with the 25% member discount, the price is comparable.

Rocket Lawyer Registered Agent Pros Rocket Lawyer Registered Agent Cons
100% satisfaction guarantee RA services are slightly more costly
Online access to mailed documents  
Additional legal services at a low cost  

Visit Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer Pricing for Registered Agents

Save 25% on your $149.99 annual cost by joining the $39.99 monthly Membership

Rocket Lawyer Registered Agent Features

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed: While other registered agent companies might offer a refund if they aren’t satisfied with their service, Rocket Lawyer is the only company that explicitly states it will refund.
  • Documents organized online All documents will be scanned, and uploaded online. When you receive a document, you will be notified promptly via email.
  • Premium membership. Rocket Lawyer offers a single, comprehensive membership that includes customizable legal documents, advice, and legal advice.
  • Customer Service: Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Mountain Time via phone, chat, and email.

Rocket Lawyer is a Registered Agent: Why We Love It

Rocket Lawyer’s 100% satisfaction guarantee is very attractive. Rocket Lawyer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t get a document within the time frame you requested, or you are unhappy with the RA services you received, you can request a refund. Rocket Lawyer offers a wide range of legal services that make it simple to handle multiple legal tasks, which can be crucial if you need to take several legal steps in order to start your own business.

Bottom line

Many registered agent services offer the same service: a safe place to drop off important documents or mail them. When choosing an RA company to represent your company, make sure you consider all legal services offered. If you are starting a business with a limited budget, consider the annual cost.

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