14 Startup Ideas for Entrepreneurs

There are many types of tech startup ideas, including software and physical sales as well as businesses that rely entirely on technology such livestream reporting. Profitability is possible for all tech businesses, with some of the most successful earning millions per year. Some are more innovative than others, while others have access to proprietary information.

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Here are 14 ideas for tech startups that entrepreneurs might like:

1. Chatbot Developer

Chat for businesses has become more popular, including with Fortune 500 companies and franchises as well as small businesses. Online chatbots will be one of the most important communication channels with companies as artificial intelligence (AI), becomes more advanced. Chatbots are cheaper than hiring people to communicate with customers. Chatbots are a great niche for those who love coding.


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You can either create your own brand and business or join a freelance website to connect with customers. Botmakers.net, and Upwork are platforms that connect freelancers with business owners who want to create custom chatbots. A custom chatbot costs $30,000.

There are many options available when it comes to choosing the chatbot coding language you want to specialize in

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2. Sell Drones and Related Services

One way to make a living in tech is to repair or sell drones. A store can be a great way to share your knowledge with others if you are a drone enthusiast. You can help with repairs or order parts. Cost is one of the downsides to opening a drone-based business. You should expect to spend at most $50,000 in order to open a small retail store.

A drone hobbyist can also offer services such as video, mapping, photography, and industrial inspection. Because it doesn’t require a physical address, a drone business that provides a specific service can have low overhead. This business does not have a physical location, so it will need to be constantly networking in order to grow your client base. A solid online presence is important with optimized websites, social media and Google My Business listing.

3. Subscription Delivery Service

Subscription-based delivery services have been expanding to niche and special industries. Nurx, a company that delivers birth control, raised $40 million recently. Dr. Squatch is a soap delivery business for men that generates more than $10 million annually. Companies can reach specific audiences with hyper-targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This allows delivery subscription services to get to their ideal customers.

Start small if you think you have a subscription delivery business idea. Then, you can sell it to your family, friends and local networks. This type of business is highly technologically complex because it is mostly an online venture. This business requires tech-related skills, such as the ability to manage online advertising, website design, delivery tracking, customer relationship management (CRM), and other technical tasks.

4. 4.

Computer repair is in high demand, especially for those not tech-savvy. Computers can become infected with viruses or have software problems that must be fixed. Computer repair technicians make an average of $65 per hour.

You can save money by not opening a brick and mortar location. Mobile businesses allow you to visit customers at their homes. Customers with large desktop computers, which are difficult to move, will appreciate this. Because it is difficult to know which cords belong where, non-tech-savvy people don’t like unplugging computer cords.

You must market your mobile computer repair business consistently to succeed. Potential customers won’t be able to visit your physical location. It will be useful to learn about online marketing such as Google My Business optimization and social media marketing. It’s also a good idea for your area to network. You might be contacted by businesses to help them set up computers or remove viruses.

Nerds2Go is a mobile computer repair franchise that requires a franchise fee of $75,000







5. Smartphone Repair Company

A smartphone repair business is an alternative to computer repair businesses that focuses less on software and more on physical technology. This business repairs smartphone problems such as cracked screens, water damage and dead batteries. Many times, this business also services tablets and computers.

A smartphone repair business can be operated on a full-time or part-time basis. Part-time businesses typically cost $80 for a smartphone repair. Ten customers per week would generate $800 ($80 x 10 = $800) in revenue per day. Most smartphone problems, such as cracked screens, can be fixed in less than 30 minutes.

If you are interested in selling smartphone repair services, there is another business option: opening a franchise. With over 100 franchises in the US, the Cell Phone Repair franchise is a popular option. However, the downside to this option is the high cost. CPR franchises require a $25,000 franchise fee, $15,000 training fee and $85,000 cash. CPR franchises can cost anywhere from $55,650 up to $170,000.

A detailed business plan is required if you are applying for a loan from the bank to pay a portion of your franchise fee. You have two options: you can make the business plan by hand or an online tool. LivePlan software is affordable and simple to use for business planning. Learn from the online tutorials as you create your business plan. LivePlan is available for just $11.66 per monthly.

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6. Online Ads Manager

Online advertising has grown to include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google. These services are in high demand because small businesses don’t have the technical skills to manage their ads on any of these platforms. To get clients as an online ads manager you will only need to be proficient on one platform. It’s not necessary to be proficient in every platform. Very few marketers are.

Start small to learn how these platforms work. Try low-cost ads to promote your services. Some are as low at $5 per ad.

It can be extremely lucrative to work as an online ads manager. Instead of charging an hourly fee, you can make arrangements with your clients to share a portion of the profits they achieve from your ads. Your services will be appreciated if you are able to help businesses acquire more customers.

If you create Facebook ads to acquire 80 customers per month and each customer is worth $50 (profit), your client can earn an additional $4,000 monthly profit. Instead of charging clients an hourly rate, charge a percentage of any additional revenue earned. As an example, if you charge 25%, that would make you $1,000 per month (4,000 x 25% = $1,000).

7. Selling an Online Course

An online course is a series of videos that experts use for teaching others how to do a particular concept. Customers can buy an online course for a one-time payment. A membership site usually offers access to multiple course content via recurring payments. Technology is a key component of an online course. This includes the recording equipment, editing software and hosting. A good online marketing strategy will help potential customers find your content.

Udemy is the biggest online platform where you can sell your courses. However, it’s hard to make a full-time income. The courses are priced from $20 to $30, with course creators earning only 50%. Udemy is a good option for beginners who need to learn how to create courses before you launch your own course on a paid platform such as Teachable.

It’s best to establish your own online audience before you create the course if you want to start a full-time online business. Before you launch your course, we recommend that you collect at least 1,000 emails of interested customers. By giving away a freebie on your website, or via social media, you can gather emails from potential customers.

Udemy has a large customer base, but with over 100,000 courses available, the competition is tough







8. Tech-based YouTube Channel

You might consider creating a YouTube channel to review tech products if you like using new technology. You can also teach others how to use technology through an instructional channel. Because it is relatively inexpensive, a YouTube channel can be a great startup. You can also run it as an side-business until you have enough followers to make it a full-time business.

There are many ways to make money from a YouTube channel that is tech-related. YouTube pays between $2 and $5 per 1,000 views. Technology companies may offer you tech products for review once your channel has attained a certain number of subscribers. You can grow your subscriber base and receive a fee from the same technology companies to review their products on you channel. This is a great way to increase your advertising budget and reach your audience.

Digital products can be created to help your education channel. You can promote an ebook or online course to help your audience learn. You can also ask your audience members to donate to Patreon to help your channel and get exclusive access to new content.

9. Independent Livestreaming Reporter

Independent livestream reporting has become a lucrative business option due to the increased use of social media, unlimited data and better smartphone technology. Many believe that in the next decade there will be thousands more independent reporters than large news organizations.

You must be able to use the technology in order to become a livestreaming reporter. You must be proficient in social media livestreaming software and able create and publish videos on YouTube. You must also be a Twitter-savvy person to grow your Twitter following.

As an independent livestreaming journalist, you can make around $60,000 with the help of YouTube supporters and Patreon fans. You may also be eligible for freelance gigs offered by larger news outlets and magazines. Travel costs, such as hotel and airfare, may be included in the costs. You may also need a quality smartphone and audio equipment. These can run up to $2,000.

10. Website development

Websites are highly in demand because nearly every small business requires one. Because websites can be created by online companies such as Squarespace or Wix, there are no barriers to entry. This has the downside that customers might be less likely to pay premium rates because the average price of a website has dropped significantly. However, low-cost websites can be offered to business owners in order to establish a relationship. Later you can offer additional services such as online advertising.

Because it doesn’t require you to be physically located, website development is an excellent idea for a tech business. You can also do it part-time. Start building your portfolio by creating a few quality websites and then start charging more for website development. You shouldn’t charge less than $1500 for a website. This price range ensures that you are trustworthy and your customers don’t try to take advantage of you.

Hosting is required for any WordPress-based website. This platform is used by over a third of all websites worldwide. Hosting is what DreamHost does to allow you to store your website on its server. DreamHost offers secure and safe hosting for all kinds of websites, regardless of their size or number of visitors. DreamHost is as affordable as $2.59 per monthly.

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11. Search Engine Optimization Services

A business offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a service that helps online content rank higher in search engines like Google. The focus of SEO used to be on ranking websites. They now focus on ranking videos and Google My Business listings (local search engine optimization) as well as products on Amazon. You will need to be familiar with the current search algorithms in order to run a search engine optimization company.

A SEO business can be extremely lucrative, just as creating online ads can prove to be very profitable. You can charge a lot more if you can show that your success directly leads to increased sales for your clients.

If your SEO services are able to help an ecommerce website rank higher in a keyword search and then sell 300 more units per month at $20 profit per unit, it will earn $6,000 ($300 X 20= $6,000) monthly profit. If you agree to 25% of any increase in profit, this would mean that you will earn $1,500 ($6,000 X 25 = 1,500). After you have proven your worth, you may be able to charge a monthly retainer for continued services.

Depending on experience, SEO freelancers charge between $100 to $300 an hour for consulting

12. 12.

Many online platforms are moving to being more visually-oriented. Video can be used to benefit websites, Facebook pages and ecommerce pages as well as Instagram accounts, Amazon Stores, online ads, and website pages. Video production is now cheaper than ever. You can make professional-quality videos with the latest smartphones and minor production skills. You’ll also be able to distinguish yourself from other video producers if you know what type of videos you need for platforms like Instagram.

Make sure to have a portfolio that includes a few videos you’ve made. You can also include testimonials from clients. Find out the sales impact of your videos for your client. Video production is an area where value is subjective. One business could have a video worth $500. The same video could be worth $5,000 to another company because it increased their revenues by $50,000 in six months.

13. Virtual Life Or Career Coach

Clients can get help from a virtual coach or career coach to achieve their career or personal goals. In the past, clients were limited to those who lived near the coach’s home. A life coach can now attract clients from all corners of the globe with a compelling website, video and social media.

A low-cost start-up can include an online coaching business. To host one-on-1 video calls, you can use free technology such as Zoom Vid Conferencing. Your client can also make video calls from their mobile phone if they are traveling. As a career or life coach, you can make an average of $50 per hour. High-demand coaches who are well-known online and have many followers can earn six figures per year.

It takes time to build a client base that allows you to make a living coaching. Most coaches start by building audiences via YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and blogging. They then sell their services to their clients. Free content online allows potential clients to get to know you and your self-improvement approach better before they hire you.







14. 14.

Cybersecurity is the protection of a company’s assets against online threats. This is a rapidly growing area of expertise for both small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises. Most business owners only know how to change passwords each month and monitor employees’ access. They will need to hire an expert for any additional cyber security tasks. There are many types of cybersecurity companies that you can start. The majority of existing businesses specialize in networks and systems.

A working knowledge of internet protocol (IP) and transmission control protocol (TCP is essential for cybersecurity professionals. Although you can read books about these systems, it is best to gain firsthand experience in a position such as systems administrator analyst. After you’ve acquired the necessary knowledge, you can start your own consulting company providing cybersecurity advice and maintenance. You can earn $75-150 an hour as a consultant for a large project. Senior cybersecurity consultants can charge as high as $500 per hour.

Bottom line

A high-tech startup is a great idea for anyone who is interested in either physical technology (like a drone) or software development (like a chatbot). Every year, tech business ideas increase. It is important to keep up with the latest trends and seize opportunities that arise. Tech-based businesses are more profitable than others because they use software and items that people don’t know how to make, such as broken smartphones or online advertising.

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